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Proposal Ideas

Before you can place that handcrafted, hand-perfected engagement ring on her finger, you need to create your ideal proposal. Everyone is happy to share proposal ideas—from recreating romantic movie moments to elaborate skywriting proposals. While grandiose proposals can be fun, you need to make sure your proposal fits your style and personality as a couple.

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Picnic in the park

Why not make the mundane extraordinary? Consider using a favorite local park as the backdrop for your proposal. Choose a park that your love frequents regularly, so for years to come as she jogs through (or brings your children there to play), there will always be the sweet memories of your proposal.

Zoo or aquarium proposals

Zoos and aquariums often are the sites of dates for many couples, ideal places to stroll, talk and enjoy each other and nature. Does she love the lions? Plan a proposal in front of the lion habitat, attaching the ring on a ribbon to the collar of a stuffed lion you present her.

At an aquarium, work with the management to arrange a very special proposal. Most aquariums have a big tank where divers feed the fish on schedule. Arrange to have the divers help in your proposal. Lead your love to the viewing tank where the diver will be holding a sign that reads, "______, (insert your lover’s name) we need you to answer one question." When she reads the sign, ask the question, "Will you marry me?"

Proposal plus engagement celebration

Plan an engagement celebration to follow immediately after the proposal (and acceptance). This will help create the most memorable engagement, the type you will both talk and brag about throughout the lifetime of your marriage. Ideas for an engagement celebration include planning a romantic getaway. This may be a whirlwind weekend trip to a beach resort, a quiet getaway to a charming bed and breakfast or an elegant stay at a luxurious metropolitan hotel. Arrange for champagne, flowers and other treats to be waiting for you upon arrival.

An engagement party following the proposal may be the perfect engagement idea if she loves to share her life’s biggest moments with her family and close friends. The proposal can be done in private but then sweep her away to a celebration party where she can show off her new ring and share her joy with everyone she loves.

A less traditional engagement idea is to celebrate the “yes” at a special event such as a concert or even a sporting event. This choice has to be an event for both of you to enjoy, providing one-of-a-kind memories you can share throughout your future. Other special event destinations could include art gallery exhibits or theatrical performances.

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