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Beach Proposal Ideas

The lull of the waves coming onto shore, the sunset, the feeling of sand under your feet. The beach is one of nature's most romantic settings. It's also the perfect backdrop for popping the question.

Whether the beach is a part of your everyday lives or you're planning a special trip to a beach locale, here are a few beach proposal ideas to use or inspire your own perfect proposal.

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Use Your Words

The sand is an endless canvas to express just how you feel. Sneak away to the beach and write your proposal out approximately a half hour before you plan to show it off. If you're staying at a resort, consider asking if they can help you reserve a designated spot that will remain undisturbed. Writing in the sand directly with a stick will work, though dry sand runs the risk of blowing away while wet sand close to shore can wash away. Another option is to use beach stones and shells to spell out the special question.

A Message in a Bottle

A love letter floating through the sea is something out of classic love stories. While you can't have a bottle travel thousands of miles to land in the spot of your choice, you can plant a perfect message she'll love just as much. Find a glass bottle and write a letter telling her exactly how you feel. You can purchase heavy parchment that resembles old paper, or age it by burning its edges or staining it with coffee. Once it's rolled and sealed in the bottle, half bury it in a designated spot, perhaps one off the beaten path so it will not be noticed and plucked out of the sand by someone else. Pick a landmark of some sort to help you remember the location, and take her there while on a walk. Pretend to find the bottle and ask her to open and read it. Then, present the ring.

Searching for the Perfect Rock

Beaches are full of natural treasure--dunes, smooth beach rocks, shells. Collecting those stones is a popular pastime and a perfect gateway to proposing. Take a walk along the water to collect pebbles and shells you come upon. Stop to pick up something and send her ahead to look for another shell or pebble. Then pull the ring out of your pocket and ask her what she thinks of what you just found. When she looks, have the ring box open while presenting it on one knee.

By the Light of Fire

A beach bonfire at sunset is a beautiful way to stay warm on a chilly evening. Consider making it the setting for dinner, bringing along wine and cheese to set the mood. If your significant other loves camping, consider bringing the ingredients for s'mores to roast over the open fire. Slip the ring onto a stick and hand it to her as she prepares to roast a marshmallow.

No matter which way you choose to go, a beach proposal will always be romantic and a sure way to win a "yes."

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