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Creative Proposal Ideas

For the rest of her life, she'll re-tell the proposal story to her friends, family, co-workers, and even the occasional stranger. So when you present her with that perfect engagement ring for the first time, you want it to be more than just memorable. You want your proposal to be legendary.

Whether your bride-to-be is a die-hard romantic, an outdoorsy adventurer or an eclectic, artistic type, your proposal should be just as innovative, unique and brilliant as her engagement ring.

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A Picnic to Remember

Surprise her with an unexpected picnic — complete with a proposal. Suggest taking a walk or a hike through a park or nature preserve that you both love. You'll already have a lovely, romantic picnic set up — packed full of all her favorite foods. What better place to pop the question than over wine, cheese and chocolate in the great outdoors?

Message in a Bottle

There's nothing quite as romantic as spending a day relaxing at the beach — but when that day includes a proposal, it's even better. Before you pack your beach bag, compose a letter or poem detailing all the wonderful things you love about her. Roll the letter into a bottle and bury it in a well-marked spot in the sand the night before your beach day, taking care to keep well away from the high tide line.

When you arrive at the beach the next day, suggest that you build a sand castle together. Make sure that she digs in the right spot, and have that sparkling ring ready when she opens the bottle and reads your love letter to her.

Geek Love

If your girlfriend lives life online, surprise her by proposing in a completely unique place. Using letter keys from old computer keyboards, build a keyboard that asks, "Will you marry me?" Replace her normal keyboard with your special creation and make sure you're nearby, ring in hand, when she comes in to power up.

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Will You Marry Me?

If you're planning on proposing during the winter holidays, enlist the help of some local carolers. When they show up at your door to sing, make sure she's listening carefully — because instead of belting out the traditional lyrics to her favorite holiday tune, these carolers will sing your proposal instead.

No matter how you propose, the moment will be unforgettable. Whether you choose to plan an elaborate scenario or simply pop the question in a scenic setting, your proposal will be a moment to remember.

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