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Cute Proposal Ideas

When you find that perfect someone, your soul mate — the one person you want to spend the rest of your life with, it's time to ask the big question. A wedding proposal has to be a memorable event. Proposal ideas should be unique, special and personal while creating an unforgettable moment for you and your love.

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Destination proposals

Romantic proposals aboard a cruise ship, on a tropical beach at sunset or atop a landmark building such as the Empire State building in New York are ideas to consider. However, your love may appreciate a trip down memory lane.

Plan a proposal at the site of your first date or the place where you first met each other. If you met while shopping at the local grocery store, work with the store manager to plan a special proposal in the aisle where you met. Your destination proposal also could commemorate your first date. If you went to the movies, propose during the previews. Surprise her with an engagement ring hidden in the popcorn box.

Fun proposals with family and friends

You and your love will share family and friends throughout your lives as a married couple. Include your family and friends in the fun and excitement of the proposal by having them become active participants. Organize a proposal/engagement party. Invite your closest family and friends, letting them in on your intentions to propose — but be sure to swear everyone to secrecy.

If you're concerned someone may spill the beans, don't tell everyone the real reason for the party until they arrive. When they do, hand out individual sheets of paper with the letters "Will you marry me?" printed on each. You will need 15 people, one for each letter and one for the question mark. Have your love arrive at the party about 30 minutes after everyone else. Upon her/his arrival, have everyone stand together to create the important question.

Unique and whimsical proposals

The holidays are a magical time and often a popular season for marriage proposals. Surprise her by decorating a Christmas tree with white lights and a single ornament. The ornament could be a decorative box containing the engagement ring or a red velvet ribbon and bow with the ring attached at the end. Lead your love to the tree and propose.

Technology loving couples often create a special web page to communicate their wedding plans to friends and family. Why not create one for a proposal? The page can contain pictures of the two of you, romantic quotes and even your favorite songs. The focal point of the page would be your proposal.

Take your love to your favorite restaurant for a romantic dinner. Plan ahead, working with the chef to have a special dessert plate for the proposal. Have the chef write, "Will you marry me?" in chocolate, caramel or raspberry sauce on her dessert plate. Don't forget to order champagne as well.

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