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Marriage Proposal Ideas

When you find the special woman with whom you want to spend the rest of your life, finding an unforgettable way to make your proposal will not change her answer in the end. But when you do it right, it will be a moment she will retell again and again. This well-choreographed moment is also your chance to present the engagement ring you have selected to suit her personality and tastes, which will touch her as much as the proposal itself.

Creativity is critical when planning the perfect marriage proposal. Just as important as creativity, your attention to detail of what makes her happiest could make all the difference. As long as it is a sincere and meaningful moment between the two of you, it should go smoothly and yield the answer you are hoping to hear. Whether she is an avid hiker, enjoys games and puzzles or has an affinity for home restoration projects, find something that will let her know that you've been listening all along when you present her with her sparkling engagement ring.

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Play Some Fetch

Enlist the help of your trusted pooch to become a part of your proposal. Your furry four-legged family member is an integral part of the family you want to build together, so it makes sense to have him or her help out with the process to kick it off. Take your girlfriend and your dog on a walk to the park, along with a stick with a small string tied around it with the engagement ring attached. Make sure it is safely and securely attached then toss the stick and ask your dog to retrieve it. When your dog returns, ask your girlfriend to take the stick from your dog.

Game Night with Friends and Family

After drinks and dinner when hosting your closest friends and family members, it will be time to sit down for your favorite game. When you place your shimmering engagement ring into the game piece case, you are setting the scene for the big moment. As the hosts, the two of you will select your game avatars last. Once she digs in to take out the beautiful diamond engagement ring, it will be your moment to help her shine even brighter.

Help Her Pick Up the Pace at Her Big Race

Tell her how much you love and are proud of her running. Her friends and family will be present so it is the perfect time to share your special moment. At the halfway point when she pauses, pass her a note that lets her know something special is awaiting her at the finish line so she should pick up the pace. Have family members on the course holding signs that encourage her to run faster, that she's going the right way and that you are waiting to ask her a question. Make sure you make it to the finishers' celebration area before she does. As she approaches, kneel down and offer her the dazzlingly brilliant engagement ring and make your request.

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