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Wedding Proposal Ideas

The New Year holiday season is considered by many to be a romantic time of year. It's about looking to the future, and what better way to do so than to ask someone to marry you? If you're wanting to propose at the beginning of a new year but are unsure of how to pop the question, here are some cute and creative ways to make her feel like the luckiest woman alive.

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A Midnight Surprise

A New Year's Eve party is an ideal place to propose, since you'll be surrounded by your nearest and dearest. Let them know your plans so that they can be in on the act, or keep everyone in the dark for the ultimate surprise. At the stroke of midnight, get down on one knee to ask her to spend this year and the rest of hers' with you.

Make a New Year Resolution

Most people discuss New Year's resolutions on New Year's Eve. If you need to, bring up the topic yourself, by asking others what theirs are. When the attention turns to you, list a few of the expected such as ‘Lose ten pounds' or ‘Get a promotion at work' and then say ‘Oh, and get (your partner's name) to marry me of course'. People will be floored! If you want to make it more private, you can have this conversation just with your partner – it will still be a welcome surprise.

Just The Two of You

If you're not big party people, or would – understandably – prefer to ask her hand in private, consider spending New Year's Eve alone. Cook her favorite meal, have champagne on ice, and talk about your hopes and dreams for the coming year. At the right moment – you'll know when! – ask her to make you the happiest man alive, and surprise her with the ring. It will be a New Year's Eve that she'll never forget.

Look Back Over the Year

New Year's isn't all about looking forward – sometimes it's about appreciating the past. Make a photo album of the past year you've shared together, filled with incredible memories and heartwarming moments. Present it to her as a gift, and as she's looking through it, place the engagement ring on the table next to it. She might be so enthralled with your sentimental gift that she won't notice until she's finished looking through it – but once she does, she'll be charmed.

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