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Romantic Proposal Ideas

A proposal is a life-changing moment, creating a story that will be shared for years afterward. There are countless ways to pop the question, but doing it in a way that reflects her personality and just how much you love her is key. Every proposal needs an element of romance, and here are a few ways that might win her heart forever.

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All the Little Messages

Prepare small notes telling her the different reasons you love her. On the proposal day, hide them in the places she'll look on a daily basis--her purse, her coat pocket, her make-up bag, her office desk drawer, etc. Make sure there are several to get her through the day, and before she leaves work send her a quick text or email to let her know you can't wait to see her when she gets home. When she arrives, have a scene prepared with candles and flowers, the perfect backdrop for a proposal.

A Surprise Getaway

Pick a restaurant in a fancy or elegant hotel and take her out for a romantic dinner. When the evening draws to a close, whisper to her that you got a room earlier in the day. Have the room prepared with champagne and flowers for when you open the door. Lead her inside, where you can pop the question before popping the champagne.

Rest and Relaxation

Turn your bathroom into an elegant spa for an evening, ready for when she returns from a long day at work. Sprinkle rose petals, light candles, make a mix CD or MP3 playlist, and prepare a warm bubble bath. While enjoys her time in the tub, prepare a romantic candlelit dinner. The relaxing and romantic setting sets the scene for a beautiful proposal.

Say it With Music

Nothing can set a mood like music. Consider setting the proposal to a significant song, whether one you've designated as "your song" or one that has some type of meaning or expresses how you feel. Have it dedicated to her while at a party or out dancing, or play it at home for a dance in the living room to set the mood. The brave can also consider singing it to her or re-writing the lyrics to make the specifics about her. Some might even post a video online for her to watch as a lead in to the big question, which can then be watched over and over again as a reminder of the moment.

A Keepsake Collage

The artistically gifted might consider creating a collage that can be displayed at home or in a public setting. Use post-it notes to write down favorite memories, inside jokes, and things you love about her. Mix them in with mementos of your relationship--photos, ticket stubs, programs, receipts, etc. Arrange all of these around the words "Will You Marry Me?" The piece will serve as an important keepsake while helping you to express your love for her.

No matter how you choose to propose, the moment will always be unique to the two of you and your journey as a couple.

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