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Simple Proposal Ideas

The proposal is one of the most significant points in the relationship, a defining moment with memories that will last for the rest of your lives.

While planning a meaningful proposal might feel like a pressure-filled experience, it's also chance for creativity and an opportunity to express your love in exactly the way you want. Relax, have fun, and consider some of these simple yet moving proposal ideas.

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Relive a Favorite Date

All dates are unique, yet every couple has at least a few dates that stand out as favorites. Maybe it was the first date when you felt that initial spark. Maybe it was an anniversary. Maybe it was a random weeknight trying out a new restaurant. No matter what those dates may be, revisiting that evening will be sure to put you a romantic and nostalgic mood. Retrace your steps and select a particular moment in the evening to serve as the designated proposal time with ring box in hand.

Breakfast in Bed

Serving your significant other breakfast in bed is always a romantic gesture, so why not make it the ultimate romantic moment by popping the question? Sneak out of bed and prepare a breakfast with some of her favorites. Serve it on a tray with a small vase with a few of her favorite flowers and a note telling her how much you love her. Present her with the ring box after she reads the note. Once she's said yes, you'll have a delicious breakfast prepared to eat in celebration.

A Walk in the Park

Whether the spring flowers are blooming, the autumn leaves are in peak color or the snow has made the outdoors a winter wonderland, proposing surrounded by the beauty of nature is simple yet memorable. Plan a casual walk around a favorite park, and pick a unique spot--a bench, a fountain, a garden--to get down on one knee. The spot will serve as a relationship landmark for years to come.

Slip a Note

Surprise love notes are always romantic, and they're even more romantic when playing a greater purpose. Consider slipping a proposal message into a book, magazine or other place where you know your significant other will see it at a certain point in time. Prepare to be on one knee once she's read the note.

Write it in Icing

Like to spend time in the kitchen together? Want to do something fun? Consider an afternoon decorating cookies together. Write out "Will You Marry Me?" on one of the cookies. You can also consider baking them in advance and bringing them to her as a gift, or making cutout cookies with the letters that spell out the important question.

Proposing might feel nerve-wracking, but remember not to get too wrapped up on a theatrical moment with tons of details. The most important thing is what you have to say, presenting a dazzling ring, and hearing a fantastic "yes." No matter what you choose to do, the moment will be unique and everlasting in both of your minds.

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