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Surprise Proposal Ideas

Every girl loves a good surprise — especially when it's coupled with a handsome man on bended knee presenting a beautiful, sparkling diamond. Moonlit walks on the beach and hot air balloon rides are great ways to ask for your girl's hand in marriage...if you're a traditionalist. But if you want to sweep her off her feet, you'll need to take her by surprise. Your partner knows you better than anyone, so if you want to astound her with your proposal, you'll need to be sly, cunning and a little creative.

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It's Just Business...So She Thinks

If your girlfriend is away on business, a work trip is the least likely time and place she'll expect a proposal. Find out where she is going over the next couple of months, and make plans to be there at the end of her trip. The further away the destination, the more surprised she will be when you suddenly appear. If possible, pose as a potential client and schedule a meeting at a restaurant or hotel at the end of her trip. She'll be shocked to walk in to see you ring-in-hand -- especially if she is surrounded by roses, candles and romantic music.

In A Flash

Nothing is more surprising than a mob of people who break into seemingly spontaneous singing and dancing in a crowded shopping center or busy street corner. If you really want to take your girlfriend by surprise, band together with your friends, family and co-workers to organize, choreograph and perform an engagement flash mob. On the big day, mob members will be on location waiting for you and your girlfriend's arrival. Plan the performance for an evening you plan to go shopping or out to dinner. Though it will take days, or even weeks, of coordination and practices, your surprise proposal is sure to draw the attention of hundreds of onlookers and a thunderous round of applause for your girlfriend as she accepts your request for marriage.

Picture Perfect

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but this picture perfect proposal will leave her speechless. Plan a photo shoot with a professional photographer to document a special occasion, such as your one-year dating anniversary. You'll both be looking your best and the nature of the photo-shoot itself will be romantic and memorable. Let your photographer in on the secret ahead of time, and as you are peering deeply into each other's eyes for a photo, slowly bring the ring up between you. You photographer will snap away as you ask her to marry you, all the while catching the magic and excitement of that moment in pictures forever.

Your engagement is one of the most special moments you and your partner will ever share together. Whether you choose to surprise her unexpectedly or plan a traditional romantic evening, a ring on her finger means the beginning of a new life together.

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