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Unique Proposal Ideas

Your relationship with your girlfriend is a one of a kind, so it makes sense that your proposal should be equally unique. Every day, couples betroth themselves to each other in traditional ways that have been used for years on end. So, how can you make your engagement stand out from the rest?

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Going Solo

Music is a powerful force that sets the mood for any occasion. If you consider yourself musically inclined, pull out your guitar, ukulele or other easily mobile instrument and start penning a song that expresses your affection. Have your instrument waiting at a local coffee house where amateur performers go to play. Just after you and your girlfriend cozy up with a cappuccino for a quiet evening out, take the stage to dedicate and perform your song — asking her to marry you at the end.

Practice for "I Do"

Nothing makes a girl think about getting married more than attending or being in a close friend's wedding. Next time someone close to you gets married, try to arrange for your girlfriend to catch the bouquet-toss on the big day. When she returns with the bridal bouquet, tell her you need to make a quick phone call and step out of the reception. Wait until the wedding is over (so as to avoid stealing the spotlight from the bride and groom), and take her to dinner or out for drinks. Let her know that after you caught the bouquet, you just spoke to her dad, and he said it was okay for you to marry her. She'll think you are joking -- until you drop to one knee with a ring.

A standout proposal takes careful thought and consideration. Any proposal will be one she'll remember for life, but only a unique engagement will be one she'll brag about for the rest of her life. But most importantly, regardless of how you propose, it is sure to be special simply because you are sharing that moment with the love of your life.

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