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The Ring Band

From simple, lustrous gold to a sparkling triple row of diamonds, learn the distinctions between engagement ring bands.

Plain Ring Bands

Popular types of plain bands include the knife edge ring band, the tulip ring band, and the tapered ring band.

Diamond Ring Bands

If you are interested in a diamond ring band, your options include several different band shapes as well as different ways of setting the diamonds in the band.

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Diamond Band Types

There are several ways to set diamonds into a ring band. Each creates a subtly different look, ranging from the delicate micropavé to the impressive French setting.

Pavé Diamond Engagement Rings

In French, pavé means “cobblestone.” The term also refers to the way the diamonds fit together perfectly in a pavé setting, much like the stones on a cobblestone street. Though similar to a French setting in that both styles feature a strand of small diamonds secured by tiny prongs, a pavé setting is unique in one subtle way: the diamonds are set down in a groove rather than raised. Pavé is also different from a channel setting, which uses the pressure of the band, not prongs, to hold diamonds in place.


Detail view of diamond pave band.

Micropavé Diamond Band

A micropavé band uses even smaller diamonds than its pavé counterpart, making for an extremely precise and delicate setting. While a pavé style typically only has one strand of diamonds, a micropavé can have several. These are arranged in a checkered pattern, with two or more rows of diamonds lining the band.


Detail view of diamond micropavé band.

Channel Set Diamond Band

A channel set ring band features small diamonds set down in a groove. These stones are held in place by the pressure of the sides of the band. This is distinct from pavé diamonds, which are held in place by prongs. Channel settings tend to create a strong, angular effect while pavé settings fall more on the delicate side of the style spectrum.


Detail view of channel set diamond band.

French Set Diamond Band

The French setting features small diamonds raised with prongs around the ring band. The look creates the effect of a single, continuous line of sparkle. French-set bands often have more sparkle than any other type of diamond band, since they allow the most light to enter the diamonds.


Detail view of French set diamond band.

Now that you know your options for engagement ring bands, selecting her dream ring will be a breeze. Start shopping to find the perfect handcrafted ring!

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