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Bestselling Ritani Engagement Rings

Getting engaged, and haven’t picked out a ring yet? Wondering where to begin with your engagement ring search? Finding it challenging to even tell the difference between rings? We’ve got you. See what other couples love most in our list of the 10 best selling diamond engagement rings of 2017. Scroll below to find top-rated Ritani favorites, and discover a unique band, setting and diamond weight that’s just right for you.

#1 Solitaire Diamond Six-Prong
Knife-Edge Engagement Ring

in 14kt White Gold for a Round Center Diamond


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If you’re looking for a round solitaire engagement ring, get inspired by this classic ring's sparkling reviews. Sometimes, the simplest things are the most stunning. With a slim, understated (but strong) band design, the brilliant sparkle of the round center diamond is showcased. Six prongs securely cradle the diamond in place. Here’s what one lucky fiancée had to say: “The diamond is so beautiful, it sparkles even at night and I get compliments daily.” Clearly, you can’t go wrong with this beauty.

#2 French-Set Halo Engagement Ring

in 18kt Rose Gold for a Cushion Center Diamond


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Looking for maximum sparkle? Consider a halo engagement ring such as this elegant stunner with a cushion center diamond. Cushion cut engagement rings are an exceptional choice for the lady who rocks a romantic, vintage style.

Bring back the glamour of the 1920s (just like Daisy Buchanan’s engagement ring in The Great Gatsby) with this showstopper. What gives the halo ring its powerful sparkle? It’s all in the setting. The halo ring features a diamond in the center and a collection of round pavé or micropavé diamonds (or faceted colored gemstones) surround the stone, yes, like a halo. With this treatment, the halo diamonds capture the light, and focus attention back on the center stone to create that epic sparkle. Interested? Read on for another Ritani engagement ring success story: “100% Amazing. Couldn’t be more happy with my experience with Ritani. The ring turned out beautifully. The band was the perfect match to the center stone. Cannot wait to purchase the matching wedding band for her. She loves it!”

#3 French-Set Halo Engagement Ring

in 14kt White Gold for a Round Center Diamond


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This halo engagement ring with a traditional round center diamond will make your fiancée swoon. Glowing customer reviews call out the beauty of both the center diamond and unique setting. Unlike many diamonds that are held in place with prongs, French-set diamonds are set closely together with exposed sides to allow more light to enter each diamond. The brilliance of a pavé halo comes from the way the jeweler carefully sets the stones, creating a phenomenal sparkle.

#4 Solitaire Diamond Tulip Cathedral Engagement Ring

in 18kt Yellow Gold for a Round Center Diamond


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You can’t go wrong with this bestselling round diamond solitaire engagement ring. The sleek tulip-inspired ring band leverages a setting with eight prongs securely cradling the center diamond. This setting ensures that a generous amount of light enters the diamond through the sides and bottom of the rock for the most sparkle. The effect is simply classic.

#5 Double Halo Engagement Ring

in 14kt White Gold for a Round Center Diamond


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This ring has it all: a popular shape, diamond band and halo setting. Rings featuring a round diamond such as this are a highly popular choice: A round diamond is considered the original “modern” diamond shape, and if cut skillfully can create more brilliance than any other diamond shape. This is the ring for those seeking unrivaled sparkle.

#6 Modern Bypass Micropavé Engagement Ring

in Platinum for a Round Center Diamond


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This classic engagement ring with a round center stone serves up “sparkly goodness,” according to one customer review. It showcases rows of sparkling micropavé diamonds that twist around the setting of the center diamond. What does pavé mean? It’s a series of small diamonds that are set within small points of metal, creating a “paved” effect. Micropavé is simply a surface of smaller diamonds. The diamonds are encased within a smooth surface without prongs, so it’s less likely to catch on clothing.

#7 Solitaire Knife-Edge Engagement Ring

in Platinum for a Round Center Diamond


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The word solitaire describes a single diamond or gemstone set into a piece of jewelry. Solitaire engagement rings are a graceful choice for an engagement ring. This review from Joel F. from Denver says it all: “The slim band makes the diamond look large….a beautiful and classic ring. My fiancée loves it and the sizing was perfect, too.”

#8 French-Set Halo Engagement Ring

in Platinum for an Oval Center Diamond


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Oval engagement rings are a stand-out choice because of their unique shape. Many brides love this ring because the oval shape elongates the fingers. An oval diamond, such as the one featured in this halo ring, has nearly as much brilliance as a round diamond because it can be cut with the same number of facets as a round stone. This makes oval engagement rings a brilliant alternative to the classic round shape. A row of sparkling French-set diamonds on the ring’s band and a sparkling pavé halo around the oval diamond create an exquisite engagement ring.

#9 Vintage Tulip Engagement Ring

in 14kt White Gold for a Round Center Diamond


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Vintage engagement rings are perfect for a bride who loves tradition. The setting of this ring features petals of diamonds and a tulip-shaped setting for a round center diamond. A Ritani customer from Georgia writes, “Awesome Ring!! She loves this ring! It catches peoples’ attention everywhere she goes and she always gets a lot of great compliments on it. We love the way the stone is set in this ring. We also love the artistic look and design.” An enchanting engagement ring to symbolize your love.

#10 Bypass Micropavé Engagement Ring

in 14kt White Gold for a Princess Center Diamond


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Consider princess diamond engagement rings if you adore a mixture of tradition and reinvention. People love the princess shaped diamond because it has a classic sparkle and a sleek modern shape. In fact, the princess diamond is the second most popular diamond shape (round diamonds are the most popular). The princess center stone offers a unique design and metallic shine. A 5-star review of this diamond? DK from Tennessee sums up his customer experience in one word: “Perfect.”

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