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The Colors of amethyst

Purple amethyst gets its color from the presence of irradiated iron in its crystal lattice structure. It often has a visible range in color - from gray, to lavender - to deep violet in the same cut of stone. The color can concentrate in different areas of the same stone as a result of the environmental conditions under formations, including temperature and iron content. Secondary tones can often include pink, blue, and red.

Some consider prasiolite a 'green amethyst', although it is technically a different variety of quartz. This stone has a light green hue and can also be named lime citrine or vermarine.

Grading amethyst

The most prized amethyst stones have no visible color zoning, with a consistent hue throughout. A strongly saturated color – from reddish purple to dark purple – is typically preferred. Amethyst stones that are considered too dark may diminish brightness and appear almost black under dim lighting.

Most amethyst mined and used in jewelry today is considered eye-clean, appearing flawless without magnification. Zambian amethyst typically possesses a lower clarity than Brazilian but, since its color tends to be a richer purple, this does not impact its value negatively. As with many other gems, it is its color that gives amethyst much of its value. Ritani offers only the finest quality, hand-selected amethyst.

amethyst Jewelry

Amethyst is one of the most popular gemstones used in jewelry, cut into a wide variety of shapes and sizes. From cabochons to emerald-cuts, ovals to heart-shaped stones, its eye-catching purple hue is lovingly worn all over the world.

The gemstone's versatility makes it a stunning choice for setting in white, yellow and rose-colored metals. Different cuts are used to create both classic and modern jewelry styles, to suit all tastes and budgets.

Choosing Your amethyst

Every amethyst offered by Ritani is of the finest quality, hand-selected for its beautiful color. For the best value, we recommend opting for those with medium-light to medium-dark tones, and light to moderate inclusions. These criteria will ensure that your gemstone does not have noticeable blemishes that distract from its stunning hue.

Ritani stands by the quality of each of its gemstones, offering free 30-day returns for all orders. Our certified gemologists are available to help you make the right choice.

Caring for your amethyst

At 7.0 on the Mohs hardness scale, amethyst and other quartz are relatively durable but should be worn and stored with care. Do not wear them while doing strenuous activity, and store them separately from other jewels to avoid scratching and chipping.

It is important to limit the direct sunlight your amethyst receives because, over time, this can cause the gem's color to fade. While some amethyst can be more resistant to ultraviolet light than others, this cannot be detected before the change takes place. We therefore recommend storing your amethyst jewelry in a dark box, away from direct light.

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Ritani's amethyst selection is curated to offer you timeless pieces that will last through the generations. Each piece is crafted by hand, with the utmost respect for the natural gemstones and precious materials. Ritani and our partner designers strive to retain the organic beauty of each amethyst stone, setting them in the metals and designs that will complement them best.

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