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The Colors of citrine

Citrine's golden yellow tone sometimes leads to it being confused with yellow topaz. A warm yellow color, citrine often appeals as a more affordable alternative to fancy yellow diamonds and vivid yellow sapphires. A variety of quartz, citrine is actually incredibly rare to find naturally. The heating of pale amethyst produces most citrine. The treatment turns its color from light violet to an attractive citrine yellow.

While there is a difference of color across the citrine spectrum, this range is narrower than with other minerals. Whereas topaz and sapphire, for example, are available in a wide variety of colors, citrine is almost always yellow. Those with radiant orange and red secondary tones are often sought after, exhibiting a fiery brilliance.

Grading citrine

While there is no standardized grading system for semi-precious colored gemstones, there are several factors to consider when looking for your perfect citrine jewelry. High-quality citrine is cut to emphasize its stunning color, rather than the gemstone's size. We therefore recommend you search by color preference.

The majority of citrine gemstones are available without noticeable inclusions and imperfections. This means that you cannot detect blemishes without magnification. Ritani only sells the finest, hand-selected citrine.

citrine Jewelry

Citrine is used to create bright, eye-catching gemstone jewelry that possesses a vivid brilliance. Yellow and rose gold settings complement the warm, comforting tones of the gems, while white metals - such as platinum and sterling silver - provide a striking contrast.

A durable gem that is ideal for everyday wear, citrine jewelry makes a wonderful gift for a loved one. Due to its vivid color, we recommend pairing citrine with complementary colors, such as blue, red and green.

Choosing Your citrine

Every citrine offered by Ritani is of the finest quality, hand-selected for its beautiful color. For the best value, we recommend opting for those with medium-light to medium-dark tones, and light to moderate inclusions. These criteria will ensure that your gemstone does not have noticeable blemishes that distract from its stunning hue.

Ritani stands by the quality of each of its gemstones, offering free 30-day returns for all orders. Our certified gemologists are available to help you make the right choice.

Caring for your citrine

Citrine is fairly high on the Mohs scale, at a score of 7 (diamonds have a score of 10). This means that, while you should take care when wearing your jewelry, it should be fairly resistant to knocks and scratches. We recommend regular cleanings, to allow the beauty of your citrine gems to truly shine. Use mild dish soap, warm water and a soft cloth to wipe your gemstones clean.

It is also very important to avoid X-rays when wearing citrine jewelry. If exposed, citrine will turn from its attractive yellow to a dark brown.

Shop for citrine

Ritani's citrine selection is curated to offer you timeless pieces that will last through the generations. Each piece is crafted by hand, with the utmost respect for the natural gemstones and precious materials. Ritani and our partner designers strive to retain the organic beauty of each citrine stone, setting them in the metals and designs that will complement them best.

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