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The Colors of garnet

Besides beryl, garnet is the mineral with the largest range of potential colors. While red is the color most people think of garnets as, they are formed in every hue - from orange to purple, green to pink. The most rare color for garnets is blue, and so these are extremely valuable.

The different colors of garnet are actually a result of slightly different mineral compounds. Pyrope and almandine garnet typically possess purple, red and orange tones. Spessartine ranges from yellow-orange to red-orange, whereas andradite is most often formed as a yellow stone. Grossular garnet is mined in the widest variety of colors, including colorless.

Grading garnet

While there is no standardized grading system for colored precious gemstones, there are several factors to consider when looking for a quality garnet. Ritani only sells the finest quality, hand-selected garnets – chosen for their stunning color and gem-quality clarity grades.

The color of a garnet stone is its most important indicator of quality. Opt for those with vivid yet even saturation across the gemstone. Alternatively, you may prefer garnets that appear to change color depending on the light. For example, some will appear purple at times, pink at others. Choosing your garnet jewelry based on personal preference, too, is therefore advised.

Garnet clarity is largely based on the mineral variety of the stone in question. While some orange garnets, such as spessartine and hessonite often have eye-visible inclusions - the majority of reds do not. If an eye-visible inclusion is detectable in a red garnet, it will significantly decrease the stone's value.

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Garnets are most often set in yellow and rose gold – particularly the more popular red stones. The warmth in these metals emphasizes the fiery brilliance of red garnet. Green garnet stones are typically set in yellow gold, similar to emeralds. Colorless garnets can be used a more affordable alternative to diamonds and white sapphires.

Choosing Your garnet

Every garnet offered by Ritani is of the finest quality, hand-selected for its beautiful color. For the best value, we recommend opting for those with medium-light to medium-dark tones, and light to moderate inclusions. These criteria will ensure that your gemstone does not have noticeable blemishes that distract from its stunning hue.

Ritani stands by the quality of each of its gemstones, offering free 30-day returns for all orders. Our certified gemologists are available to help you make the right choice.

Caring for your garnet

Because garnet stones are relatively hard – between 6.5 and 7.5 on the Mohs hardness scale - they are suitable for everyday wear. This does not mean, however, that they cannot be chipped or scratched. Care should be taken when storing your garnet jewelry. Separate it from other jewels to avoid scratches, in its own bag or box.

To keep your garnet clean, we recommend using warm, soapy water to gently clean them regularly. Wipe with a clean, dry cloth and avoid ultrasonic steam cleaners.

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Ritani's garnet selection is curated to offer you timeless pieces that will last through the generations. Each piece is crafted by hand, with the utmost respect for the natural gemstones and precious materials. Ritani and our partner designers strive to retain the organic beauty of each garnet stone, setting them in the metals and designs that will complement them best.

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