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The Colors of peridot

Peridot is one of the few gemstones that form with one color – that of olive green. While there is some variety in its shading, it typically produces a light green to dark olive green hue. Those with comparatively little iron may have a yellow tinge; the most valuable exhibit a dark olive-green color. Because of its green color it may sometimes be confused with emerald.

Grading peridot

While there is no standardized grading system for colored precious gemstones, there are several factors to consider when looking for a quality peridot. The more intense the green, the more valuable a stone will typically be. It is rare for peridot to be free of any yellow or brown secondary tones. Ritani only sells the finest quality, hand-selected peridot.

Most peridot gemstones used in jewelry will be eye-clean, with tiny black crystals visible only under magnification. A wide variety of cuts, including brilliant and step-cut facet patterns, as well as mixed cuts, are available. When looking for peridot stones, opt for those that appeal to your personal taste in cut and color.

peridot Jewelry

Peridot to be worn in jewelry is most often set in yellow gold. This serves to neutralize any yellow tones within the stone and to emphasize the striking beauty of its green color. However, peridot paired with white metals is also desirable to many.

At a 6.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, peridot is softer than many other gems. Setting the stone in durable platinum may protect it from too much wear and tear through the years.

Choosing Your peridot

Every peridot offered by Ritani is of the finest quality, hand-selected for its beautiful color. For the best value, we recommend opting for those with medium-light to medium-dark tones, and light to moderate inclusions. These criteria will ensure that your gemstone does not have noticeable blemishes that distract from its stunning hue.

Ritani stands by the quality of each of its gemstones, offering free 30-day returns for all orders. Our certified gemologists are available to help you make the right choice.

Caring for your peridot

Store your peridot jewelry separately from other pieces, to avoid scratching and other damage. Avoid high heat as peridot is sensitive to changes in temperature, and may change in appearance as a result. To keep your peridot jewelry clean, gently wipe with a clean cloth and mild dish soap.

Shop for peridot

Ritani's peridot selection is curated to offer you timeless pieces that will last through the generations. Each piece is crafted by hand, with the utmost respect for the natural gemstones and precious materials. Ritani and our partner designers strive to retain the organic beauty of each peridot stone, setting them in the metals and designs that will complement them best.

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