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The Colors of zircon

The most popular color for zircon gemstone jewelry today is blue, often found to have a teal hue. While some zircon stones are found to be organically blue from heating while underground, most blue zircon are produced through the heating of mined brown zircon.

Other available colors include pink, red, orange, yellow and green. Green zircon is very rare within the jewelry industry and, as such, is highly sought after. With a high dispersion rating across its crystal structure, zircon is renowned for its diamond-like brilliance.

Grading zircon

While there is no standardized grading system for colored gemstones, their value is typically ascertained by their size, color, and clarity. When shopping for a zircon gemstone, keep in mind that most of those used in jewelry are free of visible inclusions. Zircon with eye-visible inclusions will be significantly more affordable.

Most zircon used in jewelry is cut with a modified brilliant facet pattern, similar to the round diamond cut. However, step-cut zircons are also popular, often in an emerald shape.

Typically, the more intense the color, the more valuable a zircon stone is. While blue and green zircon can range from 1 to 10 carats, other colors such as orange, red and purple are likely to be much smaller in size.

zircon Jewelry

Around 80% of all zircon gems sold are blue. These gems are best suited for settings in white metals, such as palladium, sterling silver and platinum. The durability of a platinum setting in particular, will protect your zircon gemstone through wear and tear.

The range of colors offers a zircon gemstone for all tastes and budgets. Red and yellow-tinted zircon may look particularly stunning when set in yellow or rose gold. Zircon are used in all jewelry styles - from earrings, to necklaces, to cocktail rings.

Choosing Your zircon

Every zircon offered by Ritani is of the finest quality, hand-selected for its beautiful color. For the best value, we recommend opting for those with medium-light to medium-dark tones, and light to moderate inclusions. These criteria will ensure that your gemstone does not have noticeable blemishes that distract from its stunning hue.

Ritani stands by the quality of each of its gemstones, offering free 30-day returns for all orders. Our certified gemologists are available to help you make the right choice.

Caring for your zircon

Often, zircon stones are considered much more brittle than other gemstones used in jewelry. Because of this, it is recommended that you do not wear your zircon while exercising or performing household chores. Store zircon jewelry in a separate box or bag from other jewelry, to prevent scratching. When cleaning is required, use a soft cloth and mild soap.

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