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1. Set Your Budget

Ritani offers a wide selection of fine jewelry suitable for any of your plans. Our pendants, earrings and bracelets are available at a variety of price points, in an extensive array of styles. Only you should decide how much you spend and, whatever your budget, you will be sure to find pieces you will both cherish.

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2. Get a Feel for Style

You'll know if she wears a lot of jewelry; observe what she wears most. If she has a necklace that she wears every day without fail, it's a good idea to select something complementary, such as a pair of our diamond drop earrings.

It may be helpful to ask her friends for advice. They will know if her style is classic, modern, or if she tends to be drawn towards vintage pieces. If in doubt, it's always a wise decision to opt for classic styles. Diamond studs and clean-lined bracelets are timeless choices that will please most tastes.

3. Select Your Metal

It is also advisable to take note of the colors that she wears. Does she prefer the more traditional yellow gold, or the modern and chic white metals? The color she wears most often is your best bet for what she will love, so that she can pair pieces elegantly. Aside from appearance, different metals have their own durability, weights, and value. Platinum, as a hypoallergenic material, would be a smart choice if she has reacted to certain metals in the past.

4. Consider Diamonds

For a significant occasion, diamonds are an inspired choice. To celebrate the birth of a child, a stunning halo pendant is the beginning of an heirloom. For a birthday, a pair of diamond hoops will be adored in their simple, sparkling elegance. You can even create custom earrings for an intensely personal and meaningful gift — one we are sure she’ll love. Find out more about the 4Cs of diamonds and learn the science of sparkle.

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