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From Mine to Ring

By controlling the sourcing of our diamonds from the mine to the ring on her finger, we can ensure the integrity of the relationships, as well as the ethical treatment of all the workers in the supply chain. This type of careful management ensures a steady supply of ethically sourced nascent stones of the most exceptional quality.

& Integrity

Ritani’s business relationships are based on a trust and code of conduct. Each party in our business community is bound to the same principles and standards. This accountability and integrity penetrates our entire business from the suppliers we deal with, through each employee, and finally to the service we deliver to you.

The Kimberley Process

Ritani supports and adheres to the standards set forth in the Kimberley Process, a joint initiative between world governments and the diamond industry, which controls the production of rough diamonds by tracking them from their source. This ensures the flow of rough diamonds mined by legitimate means, and eliminates all "conflict-diamonds." Ritani diamonds are not from Marange, Zimbabwe and are in compliance with United Nation Resolutions.

Diamond Mines Employ Thousands

Within the nations they operate, the mining industry is transforming natural resources into shared and lasting national wealth. Each mine employs hundreds of skilled workers, and almost all of them are hired locally. By providing thousands of skilled jobs, and offering training and educational scholarships, diamond mining companies maximize their long term impact. This sustainable development creates a healthy economy that will continue to thrive in the future.

Funding Schools, Supporting Communities

Millions of dollars are spent each year in mining communities to fund local schools, provide scholarships, and offer support for families. This provides upward mobility, and establishes sustained, thriving communities with a healthy working class.

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