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The Most Popular Qualities

Most people buy...

An Ideal or Very Good Cut

Beautiful sparkle with either the finest cut grade, or one that affords very slightly better color, clarity, or a larger size.

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The Color F or G

Near-colorless, any color is difficult to see without direct comparison.

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A Clarity of VS2 or SI1

Clean to the naked eye, spotting imperfections requires a gemologist.

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The Most Popular Size

Most people spend...

Ask around and you'll hear a variety of answers; from two to three months of one's salary or more. The truth is that you should set your own budget. The price of an engagement ring is determined by a variety of factors from the cut and carat of the diamond to the design of the ring setting.

What are Their Priorities?


of people want...

More sparkle

For many, sparkle is the wow factor they're looking for.

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A larger carat

Size is the second most important defining characteristic.

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A smaller percentage are concerned with color.

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What Shapes are People Buying?

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