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Preset Engagement Rings

Browse our unique selection of preset engagement rings to discover the perfect ring.

Solitaire Rings

Round   Radiant   Pear  
Princess   Oval   Marquise  
Heart   Emerald   Cushion  

Timeless settings that draw attention to your center diamond's brilliance.

Halo Rings

Round   Radiant   Pear  
Princess   Oval   Marquise  
Heart   Emerald   Cushion  

Surrounding your center diamond with sparkle, a halo setting brings vintage charm.

Three-Stone Rings

Round   Radiant   Princess  
Oval   Emerald   Cushion  

Representing the past, present and future, three diamonds complement each other in brilliance.

Masterworks Rings

Round   Princess   Oval  
Heart   Emerald   Cushion  

Our Masterworks collection is inspired by antique rings with breathtaking design.

Ritani Preset Engagement Rings: Designed & Handmade in New York

Ritani preset engagement rings are available in a range of handcrafted Ritani diamond ring designs. Each of the center diamonds featured in these rings are certified by either the AGS or GIA, and accompanied by a grading report.

Preset engagement rings are offered in a number of popular halo, solitaire, three-stone and Ritani masterwork ring styles. Each ring is available with your choice of center stone carat weight. 1, 1.5, 2 and 3 carat center diamonds are preset into the designs, so that you can find the perfect engagement ring with convenience and ease.

With a lifetime warranty, your handcrafted preset engagement ring will last through all the years ahead. Our exceptional customer service means we are always here to help.


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