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Bezel Set
Engagement Rings

Typified by a metal rim that grips the center diamond at its girdle, the bezel set is one of the most classic and secure settings on the market. The metal rim also provides the illusion of a larger stone for a truly striking appearance.

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Bezel Set Engagement Rings

Prong Set
Engagement Rings

Specifically designed to use a minimal amount of metal, a prong set engagement ring allows for maximum light reflection, refraction and dispersion. Also called a claw setting, the prongs wrap around the crown of the center diamond for a secure fit.

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Prong Set Engagement Rings

Channel Set
Engagement Rings

In a channel set engagement ring, two vertical metal walls create a small channel in which the diamond fits snugly. With no metal bars to separate, this setting is a contemporary and unique choice.

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Channel Set Engagement Rings

Pavé Engagement
Ring Settings

A distinct and impressive setting, pavé engagement ring settings feature many small diamonds set close together with tiny beads to act as bonding agents to keep the stones in place. With hardly any visible metal, this brilliant setting makes the most of small diamonds.

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Pavé Set Engagement Rings

Engagement Ring Settings

With smaller diamonds and smaller beads than the traditional pavé setting, micropavé set diamonds are all the same size and typically feature an alternating row honeycomb pattern. Micropavé is a stunning band setting to frame any center set diamond.

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Micropav9 Set Engagement Rings
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