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Sapphire Rings

Sapphire rings are a colorful twist on classic fine jewelry. The most popular shade of sapphire is blue, but these gemstones also come in pink, yellow, and white tones. Blue sapphire rings can be modern or vintage style, depending on their design. Pear shaped sapphire rings with a diamond halo and band will have an antique feel, whereas a playful sapphire bow ring has a contemporary look.

Similarly to diamond cuts, different metals will also give sapphire rings different styles. Yellow gold sapphire rings have an antique appearance, and white gold or platinum sapphire rings will look sleek and modern. Consider sapphire stacking rings if you like to mix and match your style. At Ritani, we carry pink, blue, and yellow sapphire rings for stacking. If you are considering a sapphire ring as a gift, try our free ring size tool. All you need is another ring of theirs as a comparison.

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