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Free In-Store Preview

We're available to help you at any time. Please do not hesitate to call or chat with one of our customer service representatives. Here are some of our most popular questions.

After I find something I want on, can I see it at a local jeweler?

Yes. Only with Ritani can you actually do your browsing from home and, once there’s a diamond or ring that has captured your interest, request a “Free In-Store Preview” at a jeweler nearest you. Just add the item to your shopping cart, and choose the “Free In-Store Preview” during checkout.

How do I request to see the item(s) I’m interested in?

After you select “Free In-Store Preview” you will get to choose the participating Ritani jeweler near you where you’d like to see the item.

How will I know when my item(s) are at the jeweler?

You will receive an email when your item has arrived at the jewelry store near you.

What do I need to bring in order to see my items?

To verify your identity, bring the credit card you used in the ordering process and your primary identification.

Why do I need to give you my credit card information before I’m ready to buy?

We will use this card to identify you as the person who reserved the item.

Will you charge my credit card for item(s) I’m seeing in the store?

No, you will not be charged for any jewelry until you decided to purchase. You may notice a temporary authorization change, but it will be removed within 48 hours or less. When you come to the jeweler, we will use this card to identify you as the person who reserved the item.

How long will the item(s) I selected stay at the store?

“Free In-Store Preview” items remain at the local jeweler you choose for one week.

How many items can I order to see in the store?

You can choose to a single loose diamonds or an engagement ring.

How soon can I see the ring I design at a store?

Once you order a ring, Ritani jewelers will begin to pair the diamond you chose with the ring you selected. The finished ring will ship either to you or your local jeweler within 7 days. The availability of each ring is indicated on its ‘detail’ page. All Ritani items ship via FedEx® Priority Overnight for free and are tracked and insured right to your or the jeweler's door. Additionally, you’ll receive an email notification with complete tracking information, so you can track your shipment along it's path to the store.

Can I bring someone with me to see the item(s) at the jeweler?

Of course. We know this is a special occasion and you might want to share it with someone.

Will I be pressured to buy the item(s)?

Of course not. The only goal of the jewelers we partner with is to make sure you are as comfortable in their store as you are browsing from home.

If I want the item(s) at the jeweler after I see it, how do I buy it?

Simply tell the jeweler you’re ready to purchase and they will take care of everything. Your original credit card you used to make a reservation will be charged.

What happens if I don’t want the item after I see it?

The items will be returned to Ritani by the jeweler at no charge to you. Of course you can always go back to to find another ring, and request to “Free In-Store Preview” again. We understand it's difficult to make a decision on this very important purchase without seeing your diamond and engagement ring in person. With this in mind, we've created a service where you request items to be pulled from our inventory, and we present them to you locally at a trusted jeweler partner. There's no obligation to buy. If you do not wish to make a purchase upon review, the jeweler will securely ship the items back to Ritani - all at no cost to you.

What services will my local jeweler provide even though I bought on

Ritani jewelry is made of some of the most durable materials found on the planet. Even so, Ritani jewelry should be checked by a jeweler every year to ensure your clasps and prongs are still secure. To have your items inspected you can contact a Ritani Customer Service Representative for assistance or ask your local Free In-Store Preview jeweler.

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