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Rose Gold Engagement Rings

The warm, romantic hue in rose gold is an increasingly sought after choice for engagement rings. Discover oval rose gold engagement rings, vintage rose gold engagement rings and more.

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Are rose gold engagement rings more expensive?

Gold engagement rings can vary in cost depending on the percentage of gold (karat) in the ring. 14kt gold rings are slightly cheaper since they have less gold, while 18kt gold rings are a little more expensive because they have a higher percentage of gold. Rose gold engagement rings will cost the same as a yellow gold or white gold engagement ring when they are of the same karat. So, for example, an 18kt rose gold engagement ring will cost the same as an 18kt yellow gold engagement ring because they both have the same percentage of gold.  

Is rose gold too trendy for an engagement ring?

Rose gold has existed since the 19th century and was very popular doing World War II. Given the history of rose gold, it is definitely here to stay and won’t be “too trendy” for an engagement ring. 

Can rose gold be used for an engagement ring?

Yes! Rose gold is a beautiful and durable choice for your ring. The extra copper alloys in rose gold give it added strength over yellow or white gold. 

Is rose gold real gold?

Yes, rose gold is real gold. It features larger quantities of copper, which is what gives it its gorgeous hue. 

Do rose gold engagement rings tarnish?

Rose gold engagement rings won’t tarnish since they are mixed with gold and other alloys. However, rose gold rings sometimes appear redder and slightly darker over time.  

Are rose gold rings cheaper?

Rose gold rings will cost the same as a yellow or white gold ring when they are the same fineness (14kt or 18kt gold). This is because each of these metals still has the same percentage of gold in them. 

Does rose gold turn your skin green?

Quality rose gold, like the 18kt rose gold that we use to craft our engagement rings, won't turn your skin green. 18kt rose gold contains 75% gold.  

Can rose gold be worn every day?

Rose gold is durable enough to be worn every day. It is slightly stronger than yellow and white gold.