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Science of Sparkle

What difference can the cut of a diamond make? It’s a question that deserves a detailed answer. Each cut we make in the creation of a diamond unlocks the beauty in the form of sparkle. The final effect is magic. Over generations, we at Ritani have focused on our craft, using artistry and science to improve the brilliance, and create more of the allure that attracts us.

From Mine to Finger

Quality from
the Start

Ritani has long-standing familial partnerships with diamond mines known throughout the world for their deep caverns of the clearest, most colorless diamond rough. This ensures the ethical reputability of our diamonds, and we control the quality and quantity of Ritani diamonds available.

In order to provide the finest diamonds with the most sparkle, we begin with the nascent stone. Diamonds are rare in nature, and exceptionally clear and colorless diamond rough occurs even more infrequently. In order to create the most brilliant sparkle, our process begins with the finest diamond rough.


Taking each piece of rough by hand, our master diamond cutters use industrial lasers to analyze each diamond internally, considering all its corners and angles, to reveal the perfect diamond within. Then, our expert cutters – each with decades of experience – guide a cutting wheel to carefully cut each diamond by hand.

On principle, we will “cut no corners” to produce a larger diamond at the expense of sparkle.


With decades of experience, our Ritani gemologists are masters of the art. They have developed unparalleled craftsmanship in designing and creating beautiful rings. With an eye for masterfully designing settings and placing side-diamonds, they craft each ring with the recipient in mind. The end product is a ring that will be loved by the person wearing it, and will last a lifetime.

Cut to Exceptional Standards

Ritani Reserve

If you want the finest diamond available, choose a Ritani Reserve diamond. These rare diamonds make up the top 1% of diamond quality, worldwide. Certified by an AGSL Diamond Quality Document, these diamonds also come with an additional AGSL Scintillation Report, which documents the exceptional flash and fire. Diamonds of this quality are only found in our Ritani Reserve collection of diamonds.

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Works of Art

Our Masterworks rings are exceptional in quality, and breathtaking by design. This ring is a symbol of your connection, your life together. This ring expresses how much you feel for her, how well you know her, how much you love her. Our designers put every nuance of these feelings into our Masterworks rings – diamonds and careful design detail at every angle – so when she gazes at her ring, she’ll see a reflection of how beautiful and amazing you think she is.

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