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About Dayton

When looking for quality engagement sets in Ohio, Dayton is the best place to start. It's the Gem City. While this convenient moniker probably evolved from the musings of an anonymous writer describing the region's wealth, beauty and refinement, you can apply the name to Dayton's extensive selection of wedding, engagement and formal jewelry options. That's a good thing because preferences for specific wedding band and engagement ring styles vary according to geographic regions. For example, the most popular style of engagement ring in Chicago or New York is often different from the popularity in another region like Seattle, San Francisco, or even the Gem City in Ohio.

So if you consider the proximity of Dayton to Chicago, you might conclude that jewelry purchase patterns resemble the wedding band and engagement ring preferences made in the Windy City. Your assumption is absolutely correct. A recent Ritani survey of bridal jewelry trends found that Ohio couples chose the handcrafted halo engagement rings over classic and diamond solitaire styles, just like customers in the Chicago area and almost 48% of jewelry consumers in the United States. Halo engagement rings feature an outer border of small diamonds that surround a larger center diamond for a visually striking design. Some halo engagement rings feature French-set diamonds for optimal brilliance. The versatility of halo rings accommodates a range of diamond shapes. Round diamond cuts remain an overwhelmingly popular choice but other distinct cut options include oval, pear, cushion, emerald and marquise. The range of styles provides Dayton customers with an extensive selection of unique engagement rings that reflect their one-of-a-kind bonds.

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