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Necklaces & Pendants

Necklaces offer several looks. Some make a statement while others can be worn every day.


A “V” look, refined and elegant.


More substantial. Beautiful, intricate patterns.

Station necklaces

A fashion statement.

Tennis necklaces

Beautiful, eye-catching sparkle.


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Precious metals have been worn as jewelry for centuries because of their durability. Today, the biggest concern when choosing metal jewelry is the style. Choose which you like best.


Platinum jewelry will last to become an heirloom, because it keeps its shape and never wears away. It’s also hypoallergenic.


A very light metal, palladium is great for people who do not like the weight of a heavy piece of jewelry.

18k Yellow Gold

A classic color, gold has a richness that can accentuate a golden skin tone or highlight pale skin.

18k White Gold

Different alloys and a rhodium plating make this a beautiful white version of the classic metal.

14k White Gold

Less expensive than 18k white gold, this metal is also harder and will keep it’s shape longer.



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There is a wide range of prices for necklaces and pendants, based mostly on the type of metal and whether it includes any diamonds or gemstones.

For something inexpensive, consider a chain or station necklace, in 18k gold, 18k white gold, or 14k white gold. For a substantial piece of jewelry, consider a diamond solitaire pendant, or a truly stunning diamond tennis necklace.

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