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Different Types of Ring Finishes

men's wedding rings stacked on top of each other

As you shop for wedding rings, you’ll likely come across different ring finishes. Each finish creates a distinctive look and shows off precious metals in different ways. Here are the most common ring finishes that you’ll come across.  

Polished Finish

polished finish wedding ring

This is the most common finish for wedding bands, engagement rings, and fine jewelry. This finish includes just the right amount of shine and is a timeless choice.  

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High-Polish Finish

high polish finish wedding ring

High polish rings feature a super glossy look. This bold finish will reflect lots of light and really draw the eye in. Out of all the finishes, the high-polish finish is more susceptible to scratches. 

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satin finish wedding ring

Satin finish rings have a slightly matte appearance and reflect light in a softer, more subdued way than a ring with a classic polished finish.

If you can’t decide on just one finish, you can choose a ring that mixes finishes. For example, this ring features a satin finish at the center with polished edges.

satin finish wedding ring with polished edges

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brushed finish wedding ring

Jewelry with a brushed finish can look very similar in appearance the satin finish. With the brushed finish, you can see clearer lines in the metal. The ring above features a brushed center with polished edges.

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hammered finish wedding ring

This finish literally looks like it has been hammered down and creates a handcrafted feel. Incredibly textured, you may be able to feel the indents if you run your finger over the metal. This finish is more common in men’s wedding bands since it is very masculine. If you are looking for a standout wedding ring, choose one with this finish.

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sandpaper finish wedding ring

The sandpaper finish is like the brushed finish but features more intense, obvious lines. You may be able to feel its texture if you run your finger over the metal. 

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sandblast finish wedding ring


This rough finish has a grainy look. You’ll be able to feel its coarse texture if you run your finger over it. The sandblast finish is very matte; it doesn’t reflect light very well. This finish is also very common in men’s wedding bands.

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scratch finish wedding ring

The scratched appearance of this ring creates an artistic feel and reflects a subtle glow when light touches it.  

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