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September 6, 2022

How to Buy Diamond Stud Earrings

diamond studs

Sparkle, sparkle! Diamond stud earrings are one of the most popular fine diamond jewelry pieces. Diamond earrings are always a must-have because of their many beautiful qualities, making them the perfect choice for any gift-giving special moment.  Whether you are shopping for yourself or a loved one, diamond stud earrings are the ultimate selection for your next special picture-perfect moment, serving as forever keepsakes, timeless and elegant.

This comprehensive article will serve as a helpful guide for choosing your best diamond stud earrings. It will be an informative article giving you easy tips, including:

       Steps to Get You Started on Buying the Perfect Diamond Stud Earrings

       Designing Your Own Diamond Earrings

       Diamond Quality

       Precious Metal Types

       Preset Diamond Stud Earrings

       Examples of Preset Diamond Buying Options

       Designing Your Own Diamond Earrings vs. Presets


       Styles of Diamond Stud Earrings

       Shapes of Diamond Stud Earrings

       Screw Backs vs. Push Backs

       Custom Diamond Stud Earring Designs

Steps to Get You Started on Buying the Perfect Diamond Stud Earrings

Are you in the initial stages of shopping for your perfect diamond stud earrings? Here are some beginner tips on how to buy diamond stud earrings. Purchasing diamond earrings doesn’t have to be daunting–have a hand in the final decision by knowing you are buying the best diamond stud earrings for any occasion.

1. Budget needs: The quality of the diamonds and size will factor into your price point specifications. Choosing a suitable budget will determine how much real diamond earrings cost during the final sales transaction. Looking gorgeous doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag–finding the best place to buy diamond studs with your favorite pair is the perfect combination for a successful purchase.

2. Research: researching the different attributes of diamonds will greatly help when it comes time for making an educated purchase for your best price diamond stud earrings. Learning all about diamonds is an exciting, rewarding, and beneficial experience. Arming yourself with factual knowledge will make shopping for diamond earring studs a unique adventure.

3. Style: Narrowing down which style of diamond stud earrings will help streamline your shopping. Styles include diamond shapes, fine metals, diamond settings, and findings (earring backs). Together, all of these important facets will determine how the diamond stud earrings appear when they are showcased on the ears. This article will go into detail about styles commonly found in the market.

Quick tips: Incorporate budget, research, and style requirements into your stud earrings purchase and you’re guaranteed to make the right choice.

Designing Your Own Diamond Earrings

design your own diamond earrings

Did you know you can design your own earrings? Having a hand in designing your own stud earrings makes the purchase a true memento of love, romance, and heartfelt thoughts, giving these diamond earrings an ever more personal and poignant importance. Choosing your diamond and metal results in your favorite look without compromising on the finished product.

Designing your best diamond earring studs includes choosing loose diamonds. Loose diamonds simply mean the stone is by itself and not set into any metal. It is extremely important to choose diamonds that are quality matched; you will be selecting two or more individual stones that must appear very similar. If these diamonds are not alike, they will result in a mismatched duo or group, accentuating their different quality factors when they are observed side by side.

Shopping online will give you a better idea of how the real diamond earrings will appear. Using fully immersive diamond stud building templates on a website will allow you to estimate/compare all the costs without the inconvenience of going to any store. Build and design your diamond studs virtually and see the best value diamond stud earrings.

Below is a brief educational guide for diamond quality and precious metal choices. This guide will ensure you choose your diamond quality wisely.

Diamond Quality: Influencing Any Purchase

Diamonds are evaluated using the 4Cs, a scale developed by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and recognized worldwide. The 4Cs include carat, color, clarity, and cut. These factors determine the quality of the diamond, which determines the price point or value of the diamond.

1. Diamonds are available in carat weights. The carat weight refers to how much the diamond weighs. This metric is often abbreviated and may appear as ct, cts, ctw, cttw, depending on the country. CTW and CTTW stand for “carat total weight.” For example, if a pair of earrings is listed as 1 CTW, each stud will be 0.50 carats. 

2.  A diamond’s color refers to a scale from D-Z. D (indicates completely colorless) and Z (light yellow/brown color). Diamond quality is based on the absence of color on this grading scale meant for white diamonds. Fancy color diamonds are graded differently.

The color is divided into different categories:

      D-F (colorless), most expensive

      G-H (near colorless), excellent value

      I-J (near colorless), very common and great value

      K-M (faint color)

      N-R (very faint color)

      S-Z (light color)

Since diamond studs aren’t examined very closely, you can save money by choosing near-colorless diamond studs with a minimum color of J or better. They will still appear as colorless!

3. Diamond clarity refers to the blemishes of the diamonds. Blemishes are found on the exterior of the stone and interior (inclusions). Diamond clarity is graded from F (flawless) to I3 (extremely included).

The GIA clarity scale has 6 categories. These categories help determine the clarity of the diamond. They are as follows:

      FLAWLESS (FL): No inclusions or blemishes under 10x magnification. Very rare

      INTERNALLY FLAWLESS (IF): No inclusions visible under 10x magnification

      VERY, VERY SLIGHTLY INCLUDED (VVS1-VVS2): Very slight blemishes difficult to spot under magnification

      VERY SLIGHTLY INCLUDED (VS1-VS2): Inclusions can be seen under 10x magnification but do not affect the stone’s beauty

      SLIGHTLY INCLUDED (SI1-SI2): Inclusions readily apparent under 10x magnification

      INCLUDED (I1-I2-I3): Inclusions are obvious under 10x magnification and may also be seen with the naked eye.

VVS earrings will be considerably more costly than the other grades because they have fewer inclusions. Since diamond studs aren’t examined very closely, choosing VVS earrings isn’t necessary. You can go as low as SI1 for your diamond studs if each diamond is 0.75 carats or smaller. Choosing this clarity grade can help you save hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars in the long run.                                                     

4. Diamond cuts refer to the proportions of the diamond. These proportions of the diamond affect its appearance and brilliance. Cut is different from the shape. Examples of shapes include marquise, round, heart, pear, fancy cuts, etc.

Precious Metal Types: Luxurious and Unique

Choosing your diamond earring studs includes making a decision as to which fine metal you want to use. Precious metals (noble metals) are metals suitable for use in jewelry making. A noble metal is a metal that is not available in such large quantities as other common metals (brass, tin, aluminum). Noble metals resist corrosion and are durable enough to be worn. Noble metals may be mixed with other alloy metals and remain chemically stable. Silver, platinum, and gold comprise this group of fine metals in jewelry designs.

These metals feature different colors and price points, containing unique positive attributes as they showcase their beauty. Diamond earrings for men and diamond stud earrings for women are easily available with different metal options.

Getting to Know Gold: Gold Karat

Karat (not to be confused with carat) refers to gold purity. The karat is the amount of gold versus alloys mixed into for added durability and strength--gold by itself is quite soft. Gold karat may appear as K, k, kt, KT, or karat. The higher percentage of gold in the alloy mix, the higher the karat. Some alloys for gold include copper, nickel, palladium, iron, zinc, cadmium, silver, and platinum. The alloys may also affect the color of the gold - by itself, gold is a rich yellow hue.

Gold Karats: 


99.9-99.95% gold, considered pure gold and too soft for jewelry   

91.6% gold
83.33% gold
75% gold
58.33% gold
50% gold
41.67% gold

18k, 14k, and 10k gold are the most common. The gold content will reflect on the pricing for your diamond stud earrings. 18k will be more expensive than 10k since it contains more gold, for example.

Gold is available in rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold

rose gold white gold and yellow gold diamond studs

The karat of gold remains the same even if the gold is a different color. White gold is similar in appearance to platinum, but will need to be rhodium plated over time–this is because gold is yellow. Giving any white gold jewelry a fresh new coat of rhodium will accentuate its rich shine. This goes for diamond dangle earrings, diamond earring studs, and diamond earrings. Yellow gold earrings provide a rich color complementing the fire of the diamond in harmony.

Platinum: The Most Luxurious of Diamond Stud Earrings

Platinum is more durable than gold, making it the perfect choice for your luxurious diamond earrings. Platinum is more expensive than gold because of its rarity.

Platinum does not have karats like gold and has a composite of 95%-98%, with the remaining percentage containing trace amounts of silver and rhodium alloys.

Preset Diamond Stud Earrings: Effortless & Streamlined

princess cut diamond studs

You may choose from preset style options in the buying of your diamond earring studs. Preset refers to diamond earrings where the diamonds are already set into the mountings or settings, ready for wear. These designs are already finished. Preset diamond stud earrings are designed for both men and women, making them easy to purchase if you are choosing a gift for your beloved. Diamond stud earrings come in different shapes, cuts, and sizes, providing an effortless shopping experience.

Examples of Preset Diamond Stud Buying Options w/ Diamond Qualities

We are pleased to offer a large variety of preset diamond earrings to choose from; this selection features a plentiful number of different styles with price points suited to your needs. We offer both gold and platinum varieties of diamond stud earrings, providing a design to match any mood.  Our diamonds range from D (colorless) to other grades, ensuring we have a catalog of diamond stud earrings for your next purchase.

Here are some of our favorite preset diamond studs:

1 CTW Round Cut Three-prong Martini Lab Diamond Stud Earrings

Are you seeking an alternative to natural, earth-mined diamonds? Our lab-grown diamond stud earrings offer all the fire and prestige of a diamond with a socially conscious and affordable aspect. The screw-backs offer extra security.

Floral Halo Lab Diamond Stud Earrings

Each round-cut diamond is encircled by a romantic floral-inspired diamond halo. Perfect for the office, date night, or any occasion you can think of. Available in 1.25 CTW, 2 CTW, and 2.50 CTW. Choose between 14kt white gold, 18kt rose gold or 14kt yellow gold. If you prefer, these earrings are also available with earth-grown diamonds instead.

0.25 CTW Round Cut Four-Prong Diamond Stud Earrings in 14kt White Gold

A classic look is always on trend with these diamond solitaire stud earrings. These are the best diamond stud earrings for those who love a timeless, everyday style. Are you searching for earrings for your wife, understated diamond earrings, or diamond earrings for men? These simple diamond studs are the perfect choice for anyone who wants to add a touch of sparkle.

0.75 CTW Princess-Cut Diamonds in 18kt Yellow Gold / Push-Back

These dazzling princess-cut diamond earrings are secured in a classic four-prong basket setting, finished with posts and pushbacks for your convenience. Men's and women’s diamond earrings in the princess shape lend a unique look to a classic style.

Designing Your Own Diamond Earrings vs. Presets

What is the difference between designing your own earrings vs. presets? Designing your own earrings may prove to be more costly than choosing a pair of earrings that are already pre-set. You must pay for the labor associated with assembling the earrings, pay for the stones independently, and pay for the setting by itself. Pre-sets already come assembled with a final price attached and ready for wear.

The average market price for diamonds and gold always fluctuates, leaving variance when you shop for gold jewelry. If you have found your dream stone or dream design–-purchasing it before the price increases may ensure you get a better deal. Always keep in mind the market is not static. This will keep you from overspending and help you find the best deal.


Diamond stud earrings may be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity which will come in the form of a laminated card and/or paper documents. This certificate lists the diamond quality with a photo of the item and other details such as designer markings and metal type. This certificate is distributed by a reliable gemological lab, such as the Gemological Institute of America, after the design undergoes evaluation by a certified jewelry professional who has gone through proper training. Other labs or independent sources may offer quality grading certificates. These certificates ARE NOT appraisals. At Ritani, our preset diamond stud earrings come with an appraisal, but are not certified. However, when you design your own earrings, each diamond will come with a certificate as well as an appraisal. 

Certified diamonds always come with a premium–there is always an extra cost involved if they are certified. This is to cover the cost of the extra labor involved with the certification.

Styles of Diamond Stud Earrings

There are endless styles of diamond stud earrings! Make a statement in elegance with a pair of unique and captivating diamond stud earrings. Styles of stud earrings include simple solitaire stones to multi-stone arrangements. Here are some examples of popular styles.

Four-Prong Diamond Earrings

four-prong earrings with baskets

Four prong settings are used for round brilliant cuts and other single stones. This is a standard setting with four tiny metal pieces that secure the diamond. There is often a slim wire that encompasses the diamond underneath, called a basket (shown above). 

Six-Prong Diamond Earrings

6-prong earring setting

Six prongs are a vintage-style setting and add extra security to the stone. However, some feel that the six prongs distract from the beauty of the diamond.

Bezel-Set Diamond Earrings

bezel-set diamond studs

Bezel settings feature a piece of metal that encompass the stone from all sides and provide a flat surface on the top. This is the most secure setting style. Bezels can cover the entire sides of the stone OR be used as a slim bezel frame with a basket underneath supporting the setting. Since there are no prongs, bezel-set earrings won’t get caught in your hair.

Halo Diamond Earrings

halo diamond earrings

Halo earrings feature a cluster of small stones surrounding the center stone, creating the illusion of a larger diamond. Halos may be round-shaped, cushion-shaped, marquise-shaped, pear-shaped, or other shapes.

Martini Diamond Earrings

three-prong martini stud earrings

Martini settings have three or more prongs with a tapered basket, giving the setting a martini glass shape. These unique settings are also very secure and commonly used with just a slight variation on the classic basket. They will sit closer to your earlobe than a basket setting, providing a clean, sleek look and making them a very popular choice.

Cluster Diamond Earrings

cluster diamond earrings

Cluster diamond stud earrings may appear with several different diamonds grouped together. Cluster earrings may offer an incredible bouquet of diamonds of the same or multiple different shapes. Cluster types are perfect for those who love a multi-diamond or “busier” appearance with many shapes, angles, and dimensions.

Shapes of Diamond Stud Earrings

Any diamond shape can be used for diamond studs. Here are some of the most popular shapes used.

Round-Cut Diamond Stud Earrings

round diamond studs

These diamond earrings for men and women offer a classic style moment. Sparkling round brilliant cut diamonds are secured in secure four-prong settings.


Princess-Cut Diamond Stud Earrings

princess-cut diamond studs

Princess cut diamond earrings offer many facets that reflect the light when worn. The square shape gives them a contemporary look that is still timeless and easy to wear and mix and match. They are the second most popular diamond shape used in stud earrings after the round-cut.


Cushion-Cut Diamond Stud Earrings

cushion studs

Like the princess cut but with softer, rounded corners, this classic shape is perfect for any occasion and offers gorgeous sparkle.​


Pear-Shaped Diamond Stud Earrings

pear diamond studs

Pear-shaped diamonds, also called teardrop diamonds, offer a sparkly and graceful look. The asymmetrical style of these diamonds makes them head-turners.


Diamond studs are available in half-carat diamond earrings, 1-carat diamond stud earrings, 2-carat diamond stud earrings, 3-carat diamond stud earrings, and more. They are available for under 1 carat. Find the best value diamond stud earrings when you choose your preferred size.

Screw Backs vs. Push Backs: Getting to Know Earring Backings

screw back earrings (top) vs push back earrings (bottom)

There are many different earring backs on the market, enhancing the style of the earring and influencing the way the earring sits on the ears for the total look of the design. This will focus on screw backs and push backs, the most common for diamond earring studs.

Screw Backs

screw back earrings

Screw backs appear as a screw where the post is and have “teeth” just like a screw. The backing is a double layer that screws on the back. This extra layer of security is perfect for those who want to wear their diamond earrings all the time. This nut and bolt feature is frequently found on expensive diamond earrings, like 1-carat diamond stud earrings, 2-carat diamond stud earrings, 3-carat diamond stud earrings, or larger. The downside to screw backs is that they take longer to put on or take off.

Push Backs

push back earrings

Push backs are sometimes referred to as butterfly backs. Butterfly backs have two pieces of metal in a ribbon/bow tie shape with a flat side, resembling butterflies, and are easily the most common backing for earring diamond studs. Pushbacks are much easier to put in your ears or remove than screw backs. 

La pousette pushbacks are a more secure version of butterfly backs with a flat round disc that sits on the earlobes. If you are interested in adding pousette backings to your earrings, contact us today.

Plastic safety discs and barrel stoppers may also be referred to as pushbacks. 

Where is the best place to buy diamond studs?

Ritani is the best place to buy diamond studs. Our variety of styles and settings ensure you will find the perfect pair of earrings. We offer both preset diamond studs for an easier shopping experience, or you can design your own earrings to have greater control over the quality and appearance of your earrings.

Custom Diamond Stud Earring Designs: Contact Us Today

Do you have a custom design in mind? We can help you to achieve your design idea and bring it to fruition. Have hands-on experience by helping build and create your custom diamond earring design from start to finish. We are available 24/7 with any questions and comments you may have. We will make sure you approve each step before the completion of any design.

Custom ideas include using heirloom diamonds, reimagining old jewelry into modern wearability, and more.

Need help choosing the right diamond stud earrings? Contact us today and our non-commissioned diamond experts can assist you.

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