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What is a Fancy-Shaped Diamond?

round and fancy shaped diamonds

A fancy-shaped diamond (also sometimes called a fancy-cut diamond) is any diamond shape that is not a round-cut diamond. Here are the most common fancy shapes you will come across:  

Round-cut diamonds are the most popular diamond shape of all time. As for fancy shapes, the oval-cut, princess-cut, and cushion-cut are the most popular.   

What makes a fancy-shaped diamond different other than its silhouette?  

Round-cut diamonds will receive a cut grade from the GIA. The GIA does not assign a cut grade to fancy-shaped diamonds. They will, however, assign a polish and symmetry grade to fancy shapes, which contributes to the stone’s cut quality. Always choose excellent polish and excellent symmetry for your fancy-shaped diamond.  

While many fancy shapes are very sparkly, they are not as sparkly as the round-cut diamond. The shape of the round-cut diamond, as well as the placement of its facets, are designed to create optimal light return, which creates lots of sparkle and brilliance. 

What are the benefits of fancy-shaped diamonds? 

Fancy-shaped diamonds are less expensive than round-cut diamonds. This is because round-cut diamonds are the most popular and they also produce more rough diamond waste.  

Elongated fancy shapes, such as the oval-cut, pear-cut, and marquise-cut can look larger than other diamond shapes of the same carat weight due to their large surface area. Elongated fancy shapes also create a flattering, lengthening effect on the finger when set in a ring. 

Which fancy shapes look smaller?  

Asscher-cut diamonds and cushion-cut diamonds tend to look smaller than other diamond shapes. This is because they are cut deeper - a lot of their weight is under their girdle, so much of the diamond isn’t seen when it is set in a ring or piece of jewelry. 

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