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2 Carat Lab Grown Diamonds

2-carat lab-grown diamonds are a stunning choice for an engagement ring. Find the perfect 2-carat lab-grown diamond at Ritani. For help selecting the perfect 2 carat lab-grown diamond, chat online with our Lab Grown Diamond Concierge team or call us at 1-888-9RITANI. You can also schedule a Virtual Gemologist appointment to get expert advice on your lab-grown diamond.

2 Carat Lab Grown Diamonds

2 carat lab grown diamonds are a stunning choice for a loose lab grown diamond purchase or for an engagement ring. Ritani has a large selection of lab grown diamonds in the 2 carat range in a variety of shapes. Round cut lab grown diamonds are the most popular lab grown diamond shape, followed by the princess cut and the cushion cut. If you are looking for a 2 carat lab grown diamond that appears larger, choose a marquise cut, pear cut, or oval cut lab grown diamond. These trending lab grown diamond shapes appear bigger than they really are because of their large surface area. Add extra sparkle to your engagement ring with a halo setting, or let your 2 carat lab grown diamond be the star of the show with a simple but elegant solitaire setting. Remember, carat weight isn’t everything. Make sure to prioritize the cut grade of your 2 carat lab grown diamond - cut is the most important of the 4 Cs. Choose a premium cut grade, like Ideal or Very Good to ensure a sparkling, beautiful lab grown diamond.  

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