Wedding Rings

Ritani’s wedding rings are crafted with the highest quality ethically sourced diamonds and metals.

Lab Diamond Rings

Diamond engagement rings are a beautiful symbol of your love. Browse our collection of handcrafted solitaire engagement rings, vintage engagement rings, halo engagement rings, and more.


Tungsten and Tantalum

We're excited to introduce Tungsten and Tantalum wedding rings. Durable metals, stylish and perfect for all budgets.


Eternity Rings

Diamond Eternity rings feature diamonds going all the way around the band for a beautiful symbol of your forever love. They are a popular choice for wedding rings or anniversary rings.

Stylist Picks

Are your wedding rings nickel-free?

In order to give our customers with sensitive skin more options, nickel-free wedding rings are available in 18kt gold for an additional $100 fee. Please contact customer service at 1-888-9RITANI or chat online to order a nickel-free wedding ring. Platinum is another hypoallergenic option.

Do you resize wedding rings?

All wedding rings, excluding eternity bands(*) and alternative metals(**) may be resized once for free within the first year of purchase. If the request does not fall within the above guidelines, feel free to contact our Diamond Concierge team with additional questions.

(*) Eternity Bands - rings that have diamonds all around the band, therefore not allowing room for modifications. (**) Alternative Metals are cobalt, titanium, and palladium.

Can you engrave wedding rings?

All wedding rings come with complimentary engraving. We can even engrave symbols such as hearts and infinity signs. Due to the nature of eternity bands, they cannot be engraved. Depending on your ring size, we can engrave up to 12 characters including spacing. Contact customer service at 1-888-9RITANI if you would like your jewelry to be engraved.

What should I engrave on my wedding band?

Couples often choose their anniversary, the date they met, or their partner’s initials to engrave on the band.

How do I know what my ring size is?

Aside from visiting a jeweler, the best way to learn you or your partner’s ring size is by using a ring sizing tool. Ritani will mail you an easy-to-use ring sizer for free so you can discover your ring size at your convenience. Contact our customer service team to receive a free ring sizer.

Will white gold turn yellow over time?

All white gold jewelry features rhodium plating which protects the metal and gives it a silver appearance. However, rhodium plating can wear off over time. Ritani offers complimentary rhodium plating once a year - all you have to do is pay for shipping. Contact a Ritani Customer Service Representative to arrange for your ring to be plated.