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Choose from over 80,000 GIA and AGS certified loose diamonds.   Filter by cut, color, clarity, carat, and shape to narrow down your search, or connect with one of our GIA certified gemologist for a no-strings-attached consultation. Our gemologists are commission-free and are only there to get you the perfect diamond for your budget. Not sure where to start? Try our Ring Recommender

GIA and AGS Certified Loose Diamonds

Whether you are looking for a diamond to set in a pendant, a pair of earrings, or a diamond engagement ring, Ritani has the perfect diamond selection for you. Each natural diamond from Ritani is certified by either the GIA or AGS, two of the most respected grading agencies in the world. Round-cut diamonds are the most popular shape, followed by cushion-cut diamonds and princess-cut diamonds. In recent years, oval-cut diamonds have skyrocketed in popularity. It's important to educate yourself on the 4Cs before shopping for a diamond. In order to get a beautiful, sparkling diamond, choose the best cut grade possible. Check out our education center to learn more about diamonds at your own pace. If HD images or videos of your diamond are not listed, you can request them. Need help selecting the right diamond? Chat with a member of our Diamond Concierge team, or schedule an appointment with our non-commissioned Virtual Gemologists to get a live, in-depth look at your diamond.

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