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How to Shop For Your Ideal Wedding Ring

men's and women's wedding rings

Choosing wedding rings you and your partner will love and want to wear on most days is no simple task, especially with the overwhelming volume of options available. As you begin your ring shopping journey, it is crucial to make sure you are fully prepared. The following guide is filled with helpful advice and tips to ensure that you and your love find the rings that suit you best.

Look For a Wedding Ring That Pairs Well Your Engagement Ring 

You will likely wear your wedding ring and engagement ring together, so it makes sense to choose pieces that complement one another well. Wedding rings are supposed to harmonize with, rather than over-power engagement rings. With that said, your wedding ring should be a flattering accompaniment to your engagement ring without stealing the show.

Your Ring Should Be Comfortable and Practical For Everyday Wear 

Since your wedding ring is something you will wear almost every day, finding a comfortable one should be a high priority, or else you will likely regret your decision to purchase that ring. Since you will wear this ring often, it should suit your daily activities. If you are athletically inclined or work with your hands, a sturdier metal like platinum could be better than a softer metal like gold.

If You Don’t Already Know Your Ring Size, Get Measured

Finding out your ring size is easy! You can visit any jeweler for an in-person measurement or get a ring sizing tool to learn your ring size. We offer a free, easy-to-use ring sizer—contact our customer service team at [email protected] to request your ring sizer today! 

Metal Matters—If You Have Sensitive Skin, Go Hypoallergenic

Platinum is an excellent hypoallergenic metal option. We also offer nickel-free 18-karat gold for an additional $100. Cobalt is hypoallergenic and available for some of our men's wedding rings. Click here to learn more about all the precious metals used for wedding rings.

Know Your Budget and Keep The Cost Within Your Financial Means

​Wedding rings are a significant investment, so you will want the cost to be manageable and repayable on time to avoid incurring debt. Along with your partner, consider how much money you want to spend on your wedding rings. Having a budget in mind will help you and your future spouse streamline your choices, making your selection easier. Wedding rings range considerably in price based on the metal, design, and caliber of stones.

Reputation is Everything, Especially With Jewelers

Do plenty of research first. Ask friends, family members, co-workers, etc., and read reviews. Be sure to choose a trustworthy jeweler specializing in wedding rings—both ready-made designs and customized rings.

Look for Expert Craftsmanship and Ask About How The Materials Were Sourced

How a ring is created is equally as important as how it looks. Durability is a factor, as is your ring's legacy. Do you want to create a new heirloom you can pass on to your children, or do you want to incorporate family heirloom metals and stones into your ring? Do you consider it essential that your ring’s materials come from ethical and sustainable sources? As mentioned above, you must research jewelry companies when looking at rings, and do not hesitate to ask the jeweler any questions you might have.

Engraving Your Wedding Rings Will Make Them More Meaningful 

Make your wedding rings extra sentimental by having them engraved. Incorporating particular words, phrases, or special symbols like hearts, infinity signs, intertwined circle designs, etc, will make your rings more meaningful. We offer complimentary engraving on all our wedding rings, excluding eternity rings, since they cannot be engraved. We can engrave up to 12 characters, including spacing depending on the size of your ring. 

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Try On Some Rings!

Even if you plan to buy your rings online, trying on several types in person will help you determine how comfortable they are, how they will look on your hand, and whether or not they fit your style. Although Ritani does not have physical stores, we offer free in-store previews at Ritani-authorized jewelers and retailers, WeWork, or a Regus location near you. At these designated locations, you can try on our wedding rings. Contact our customer service team at 1-888-9RITANI or [email protected] to find the Ritani showroom location closest to you.

Wedding Rings For Women

Simple Wedding Rings

Simple wedding rings are composed of a single metal, such as gold or platinum. They are made in various widths and thicknesses and often have a smooth, flat surface devoid of carvings, textures, or jewels. But don't let their simplicity deceive you; these straightforward designs can look graceful and refined and are excellent for someone who wishes to keep things uncomplicated. Simple rings are classic, enduring, and versatile. They may be worn with any engagement ring and are timelessly elegant.

Eternity Wedding Rings

This sentimental ring style usually features diamonds and sometimes other valuable gemstones or a combination of stones that encircle the entire ring. The encrusted stones are often all the same size and represent everlasting love. The symbolism of eternal love and their intense sparkle make eternity rings popular as wedding rings and sometimes as anniversary gifts.

Diamond Wedding Rings

Similar to eternity rings, diamond wedding rings also have a plethora of diamonds, but not ones that go all the way around in a complete circle. There are many setting options for this style of ring, including pavé, bezel, channel, French set, or shared prong setting, which is free of metal borders and creates a stunning, uninterrupted contour of sparkle. Unlike eternity rings, diamond wedding rings can be resized if necessary since the back is solid metal.

Stackable Wedding Rings

Just as the name says, they are ideal for stacking with other rings. Stackable wedding rings are available in many styles, with different metals and textures, and some with diamonds or gemstones. This type of ring is typically a thin, delicate band made of gold, platinum, or a mix of metals and can be embellished with tiny clusters of stones that vary in thickness, texture, and form.

Curved Wedding Rings

Also known as a notched wedding ring, a chevron wedding ring, or a V wedding ring, a curved wedding ring has an arc on one side and can be worn alone or in tandem with a diamond engagement ring.

Wedding Rings For Men

Classic, Simple Wedding Rings

Known to be preferred by the majority of men, traditional wedding ring designs are usually simple precious metal rings that are typically available in platinum, gold, and even tungsten, cobalt, or tantalum. Classic wedding rings for men are often available in various textures from a smooth finish, beveled, inlay, hammered, scratch-finish, sandblast-finish, satin-finish, brushed polished-edge, carved design, and vintage milgrain detailing, or sometimes a combination of more than one of these options.

Diamond Wedding Rings

Sparkles are not only for women to enjoy. Men who are looking for some radiance in their wedding rings can find a variety of wedding ring styles that incorporate diamonds. Ritani offers men's diamond wedding rings with white and black diamonds in numerous styles and metal options.

Two-Tone Wedding Rings

For a bit more pizazz, some men opt for a wedding ring with a combination of two metals—who says you have to pick just one? 

Finding the perfect rings may first seem a bit baffling, but with enough planning and consideration, rest assured that you will find the ideal rings to symbolize your loving bond. Although it could take some time and research, it will be well worth the effort.

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