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Try Before You Buy

Enjoy our preview-before-buying service which transforms your virtual shopping experience into an interactive, in-person viewing of your diamond jewelry purchase. With our preview-before-buying service, we proudly offer a free, no-obligation opportunity for our customers to meet with a Ritani Preview Specialist to inspect your loose diamond up–close and view your engagement ring or jewelry before buying.

Meeting with a Preview Specialist presents the perfect opportunity to ensure that the loose diamond or engagement ring you've ordered aligns precisely with your expectations, including trying on the engagement ring for a comfortable fit. 

  • Please be aware that in-person previews are only available for orders totaling $1,500 and above. 
  • Our Preview Specialists conduct in-person previews at our shared office space locations from Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. If these days and times do not fit your schedule, exceptions can be arranged, depending on the location and the preview specialist’s availability. 
  • Once you place an order for a preview, a Preview Specialist will get in touch with you within 48 hours after your item has shipped to them. When the Preview Specialist receives your item, they will contact you to schedule a preview for a date and time that are mutually agreeable. Please note that due to high order volumes, Preview Specialists may not be available for same-day previews. 
  • With this complimentary service, you may preview one loose diamond or one engagement ring at a time. 
  • If you find yourself torn between two or more similar diamonds, our virtual gemologist is on hand to assist you in making a final decision on which stone to preview before meeting with a Preview Specialist. 

After you have placed your tentative order and proceeded to check-out, you will see three delivery options: "Ship to Me," "Ship to Store," or "Preview." When opting for the "Preview" choice, you'll find a link located below that reads, "Select store." Clicking this link will prompt you to enter your zip code. Upon entering your zip code, a list of nearby shared office space locations will appear on your screen. After selecting a location, the next step is to click on "continue to payment." Although you'll be prompted to include your payment details, no charges will occur; instead, a temporary hold will be placed on your payment method, similar to a hotel reservation.

Following your in-person order preview, if you love it and choose to keep it, the payment will be processed. On the other hand, if your order falls short of your expectations, we will release the hold on your payment method, and you will not incur any charges. With this preview, there is no obligation to buy and no additional fees. 

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