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Ritani Difference

What Makes Ritani Different?

At Ritani, we’ve taken the time to create the unique tools and features you need to help you choose the right engagement ring, whether you get it from us or somewhere else. Our mission has always been to make diamond and engagement ring shopping easier for our customers.

10 Reasons to Love Ritani

See how we stack up to our competitors.
Ritani Major Online Competitors
1. Price Transparency Price Transparency Price Transparency
2. Diamond Market Analysis Diamond Market Analysis Diamond Market Analysis
3. Ring Recommender Ring Recommender Ring Recommender
4. Free In-Store Preview Free In-Store Preview Free In-Store Preview
5. Nationwide Consultations Powered by WeWork Nationwide Consultations Powered by WeWork Nationwide Consultations Powered by WeWork
6. Diamond Imagery + Videos Diamond Imagery + Videos Diamond Imagery + Videos
7. Commission-Free Gemologists Commission-Free Gemologists Commission-Free Gemologists
8. Free Custom Design Services Free Custom Design Services Free Custom Design Services
9. Lifetime Warranty Lifetime Warranty Lifetime Warranty
10. Diamond Upgrade Diamond Upgrade Diamond Upgrade
 Let us help you get the moment right!


We’ve made getting to know your diamond easier than getting to know your in-laws.

Transparent Diamond Pricing

Ritani’s Transparent Diamond Pricing tool provides a clear breakdown of the actual cost of each diamond from the wholesaler, the operational costs (such as shipping, packaging, and processing) and the final margin earned by Ritani on every sale.

We want our customers to understand the costs that go into their diamond and the rationale behind our pricing. We’re confident we have the best diamond prices online, and this feature allows you to see how low our margins actually are.


Market Analysis

Ritani’s Market Analysis tool shows the price of each of our diamonds compared to the price of 200,000 similar diamonds on the market. We created this feature because our goal is to make diamond shopping more honest.

We use the following grades for the prices of our diamonds: Good Value, Great Value, and Best Value. A Good Value diamond is one that is similar in price to comparable quality diamonds on the market. A Great Value diamond has an excellent value compared to similar quality diamonds, and a Best Value diamond has superior value to diamonds that are similar in quality.

Please note that this information comes from our database and is not meant to represent the entire diamond market.


Price Matching

Our Diamond Price Match Guarantee gives you the confidence that you're paying the best price for your diamond. If an online competitor's diamond is priced for less, we will attempt to find a similar diamond at a lower price.

Watch how our diamond rings are made!