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rose gold sapphire engagement ring

The Meaning of Colored Gemstone Engagement Rings

Here at Ritani, we love diamonds, but we also believe that your love story is unique; we know that you might want something other than the traditional diamond engagement ring. There are plenty of handcrafted, romantic alternatives to the “traditional” diamond engagement ring, many of which offer greater value and just as much sparkle.

Many couples consider gemstone engagement rings: A vibrant and cost-effective alternative to diamonds. Many precious gems are rarer than diamonds (rubies, emeralds, and sapphires) and they are less expensive. Over the centuries, cultures across the world have contributed to the legend and meaning surrounding gemstones; each precious gemstone has its own meaning and symbolism. Picking a gemstone engagement ring for its symbolism can add even more meaning to your engagement. Ritani’s mission is to help you find the ring that’s the perfect expression of your love — whether that means diamonds, sapphires, rubies, or all of the above.

Here are six of our favorite Ritani gemstone engagement rings, along with each gemstone’s meaning.

Blue Sapphire

Oval shaped blue sapphire and diamond engagement ring

Sierra Oval Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring, $2,195

Meaning: loyalty and devotion. September’s birthstone.

Blue sapphire engagement rings are a stunning and particularly meaningful choice for bridal jewelry–said to also signify wisdom and royalty–they were once the preferred gem for engagement rings. Sapphires form naturally in a wide range of colors, from the popular blue to more unusual pink, yellow and purple. Clocking in at 9 on the Mohs scale (diamonds are at 10), they are very durable, which means they can be worn daily, as long as they are cared for overtime.

The romantic Sierra ring is set in rose gold; the coppery hue of this metal accentuates the deep blue sapphire oval center stone. The Sierra is finished with a string of round side diamonds complementing the beaded diamond band. Swoon.


ruby and diamond engagement ring

Stella Red Ruby Engagement Ring, $2,015
Meaning: safety, love, passion and courage. July’s birthstone.

For centuries this gem has been considered the “king of all gems” and has been the prized possession of emperors and kings throughout the ages. Ancient royalty believed that wearing a red ruby bestowed good fortune and love. In Buddhism, the ruby is considered to be a sacred gemstone and is frequently referred to as “tears of Buddha”. Known as a protector from misfortune and bad health, ruby is also said to open the heart and promote love.

Ruby engagement rings are perfect for a colorful engagement ring that represents your relationship, with its red tones representing love and passion. Ritani’s Stella ring features a bright red ruby set with two baguette diamonds on either side, so you still get that diamond sparkle but with a daring splash of color.

Blue Topaz

blue topaz ring

Adriana Blue Topaz Princess-Shaped Engagement Ring, $2,705
Meaning: encourages calm communication, personal growth and desire to learn. November’s birthstone.

Topaz is believed to be one of the most powerful gemstones for its healing and protective power; it has the power to balance emotions, release tension, heal ailments, balance emotions and bring joy. The topaz is also said to protect its wearer from sadness, nightmares, and anger.

Topaz naturally forms in a wide variety of colors and intensities, like the blue topaz in Ritani’s breathtaking Adriana ring. This princess-cut blue topaz has dazzling pave diamonds set around and beneath the large square stone for about a fraction of price of a princess cut diamond in the same setting. The best part? This gemstone ring sparkles just as bright as its diamond counterpart.

Purple Amethyst

amethyst ring

Elizabeth Purple Amethyst Halo Engagement Ring, $1585
Meaning: happiness, contentment, peace. February’s birthstone.

The ancient Greeks and Romans believed amethyst would ward off the intoxicating powers of evil (and wine), and keep its wearer quick-witted and at peace.

Loved by Brides magazine, our Elizabeth ring features a purple amethyst surrounded by a halo of pavé diamonds. If you and your partner value a calm relationship, free from tension and disagreement, an amethyst ring might be a style to consider. The Elizabeth ring mimics a traditional diamond halo engagement for an affordable price and just as much sparkle.

Pink Tourmaline

pink tourmaline ring

Aria Pink Tourmaline Halo Engagement Ring, $2,355
Meaning: joy, happiness and love. October’s birthstone.

Pink tourmaline is said to evoke love, happiness and romance–perfect for an engagement ring. Its color is said to channel passion, energy, and life, and is believed to bring emotional balance and calm. Sign me up.

If you’re looking for a ring fit for a princess, the Aria engagement ring might be it. This beautiful engagement ring features a round-cut peachy-pink tourmaline gemstone with a halo of smaller sparkling diamonds and a thin, French-set diamond band, which further accentuates the pink gem’s natural beauty. Isn’t she pretty?!

Green Emerald

emerald engagement ring

Carina Oval Green Emerald Engagement Ring, $4,105
Meaning: luck, good fortune, and youth. May’s birthstone.

For many, green symbolizes many things like luck and good fortune, so it’s no wonder that green emeralds are chosen as engagement rings. Green emerald is said to bring its wearer reason, wisdom, and has anti-anxiety properties (something we could all use).

Cleopatra, Egypt’s iconic female monarch, was famous for wearing emeralds. Ancient Egyptian mummies were often buried with emeralds on their necks, said to symbolize eternal youth.

The Carina ring features a stand-out oval emerald shining extra bright with a classic Ritani halo and a thin, French-set diamond band.