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August 16, 2022

How to Buy a Ruby Engagement Ring

ruby engagement ring

Rubies exhibit a world of incredible color, rich and intense, with luscious red hues displaying light to dark saturation. Rubies are distinctively beautiful, a precious gemstone unlike any other. Rubies are sourced worldwide and treasured for their gorgeous reds, perfect for any statement jewelry design. Rubies are seen as prestigious and extra luxurious, a source of show-stopping glamour with a touch of material success and limitless romance.

Ruby has seen an uptick in popularity over the last few years for bridal sets. Rubies can be the center stone for any style of engagement ring! Rubies are also frequently set as side stones, beautifully bringing excitement and life to the ring with their colorful presence, distinctive and breathtaking. Rubies are very versatile gems--they make an excellent selection for an engagement ring due to their many positive attributes.

This brief article post will cover the basics of ruby characteristics and how to shop for a ruby engagement ring. Purchasing a ruby engagement ring will certainly make your engagement ring stand apart from other engagement rings--rubies are truly one-of-a-kind.

Folklore of Rubies: Ruby Engagement Ring Meaning

According to the GIA, rubies are associated with interesting folklore and legends, adding intrigue to these wondrous red stones. Not only are rubies ultra-glamorous, but they also have a host of stories attached to them--including devotion because of their spectacular red.

Red is known as the color of passion. Reminiscent of red blood running through the veins, rubies were said to ignite strong feelings of love and romance.

The Ancient Hindus would offer fine rubies to the god Krishna in hopes of reincarnation as an emperor.

Rubies were once considered to be as valuable as diamonds and often set into royal crowns.

Warriors would go into battle wearing rubies. They were considered powerful stones that enhanced strength, confidence, and valor.

Rubies are the designated birthstone for July and frequently replace stones for other birth months for those who favor this stone.

Ruby is associated with the root and heart chakra, igniting love, passion, and romance. Being associated with love and romance makes the ruby a stunning choice for an engagement ring--a chance to become wed to your beloved with added poignant meaning.

Celebrate the mysterious folklore with a vintage ruby engagement ring. An ode to the historical culture of rubies surrounded by enchanting stories adds a whimsical appeal to any ruby and diamond engagement ring.

An Introduction to Rubies: An Important Precious Stone

Colored stones are divided into two basic categories, precious and semi-precious. Precious stones are found in less abundance. They are considered rarer than other stones and will generally be more expensive.

Semi-precious stones are found in greater abundance. For example, some semi-precious stones include amethyst and citrine (quartz), topaz, and jaspers. Finding a larger carat size of blue topaz is relatively easy, free of inclusions and with an affordable price-point.

However, many semi-precious stones may be rarer than precious stones because they are less abundant--but they are not worth a comparable amount on the jewelry market because of their limited demand.

Both semi-precious and precious stones can be evaluated using the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) Color Stone Grading System. This system determines the color, saturation, clarity, and cut quality of the stone.

Rubies are part of the “Big 3,” a collection of three very important precious colored stones, including rubies, sapphires, and emeralds.

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Rubies & Their Characteristics

Did you know that rubies and sapphires are sister stones? Rubies and sapphires are varieties of the mineral family, corundum. Corundum has a trigonal crystal structure and is a transparent crystalline form of aluminum oxide and may contain several trace elements.

What is the difference between rubies and sapphires?

Rubies have a saturated red tone and are classified as rubies. They get their color from the existence of chromium. Pink sapphires display light to intense magenta pink. Sometimes, it may be hard to spot the difference. When the stone exhibits pinkish-red, for example, it is considered a ruby.

Sapphires are available in a rainbow of colors and are often set together in a rainbow. Although most famous for their blue and pink hues, sapphires come in yellow, green, colorless, and orange (sometimes padparadscha sapphires, a rarer pink-orange variety). The trace elements in corundum cause color differentiation.

Is ruby a practical stone to have for an engagement ring?

Yes! Corundum is a very hard mineral. It rates 9 on the Mohs hardness scale. For reference, diamonds rate a 10 and are one of the hardest minerals on earth. Durable and tough, corundum is an excellent choice for an engagement ring because of its hardness. Choosing a ruby engagement ring is not only a spectacular selection--it is also very practical.

Where are rubies commonly found?

Burma is famous for its fine-quality rubies. Rubies are also sourced from other countries such as Australia, Cambodia, India, Thailand, Mozambique, Vietnam, the United States, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, and Malawi. Each country produces rubies that are uniquely beautiful with different characteristics. The source is often authenticated by the supplier.

Are rubies hard to take care of overtime?

It is important to note rubies often contain inclusions (blemishes). These blemishes may cause weakness on certain parts of the stone. Rubies may chip or crack if they are knocked, dropped, or treated roughly. Taking extra care of your ruby engagement ring by not swimming, cleaning, showering, or wearing it during activities exposing it to harsh elements is advised.

Rubies can be cleaned with a jewelry cloth and warm soapy water with a soft toothbrush. Rubies do not fade in color over time, always showcasing the color you fell in love with from the beginning.

Shopping for Your Ruby Engagement Ring

Shopping for your dream ruby and diamond engagement ring is exciting, opening up a brand-new stylistic world to choose from drenched in folklore, color, luxury, and prestige. Celebrities such as Eva Longoria and Jessica Simpson have been seen out wearing ruby engagement rings, showcasing customized designs in breathtaking stone arrangements.

Rubies are available in a variety of shapes. Round-cut rubies are the most popular, as well as oval-cut rubies. It's important to purchase a ruby that is certified by a reliable agency, like the GIA or AGS.

You'll want to research which setting suits you or your future spouse's style. Do you prefer the look of a simple solitaire engagement ring, or do you prefer an opulent halo engagement ring? Selecting your favorite fine metal is an important part of the design process. Customize your ruby diamond engagement ring by choosing yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, or platinum.

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As noted previously, rubies almost always contain blemishes and inclusions. Finding a clean ruby is very rare and will be even more expensive. The inclusions are part of the formation process, making each stone unique. Most rubies on the market have been treated to improve their clarity. Heat treatment is the most common method to improve a ruby's clarity.

What is your preferred saturation of red? Intense red with excellent saturation is ideal but may increase the price. Finding a hue that calls to you is part of the engagement ring shopping experience. Rubies can come in many different shades, such as purple red, brown red, and rose red. Pigeon's Blood rubies are considered the most valuable and desirable as they exhibit an intense red color and natural red fluorescence.

Christie's pigeon blood ruby

A pigeon's blood ruby. Soure: Christie's

Choosing the Right Carat Weight 

Large rubies are very rare and therefore extremely valuable, so keep this in mind while you shop for your ruby. The cost per carat weight varies greatly depending on the stone's quality - a one-carat ruby can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $15,000 or more. 

Since rubies are denser than diamonds, a 1-carat ruby will look slightly smaller than a 1-carat diamond. This is important to keep in mind as you shop for your ruby.

Customize Your Ruby Engagement Ring

Ritani can source your dream ruby for your engagement ring. Do you see a diamond engagement ring setting that would go great with your dream ruby? We will locate your ruby and build your ruby engagement ring to your specifications. Contact us today, and we will be happy to assist you with your ruby and diamond engagement ring. We can also offer suggestions concerning your ideal price-point and other design ideas. 

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