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How To Measure Ring Size

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The method you use to measure a ring size depends on a few tactics, including who you are buying for, and how much information you already know about your desired ring. If seeking your own ring size, choose from the following three methods:

Ring Size Chart

Use our free ring sizing chart - click here.

Use a Jeweler’s Ring Sizing Tool 

Get a free ring sizer sent to your home (U.S. only). Chat now to get started.


If you are trying to find your significant other’s ring size, read below and follow our detailed tips and tricks.

Finding Her Engagement Ring Size

The surprise proposal

engagement ring

Time to pop the question? Make it perfect.

If you want to keep your proposal a surprise until the last minute, figuring out what size of engagement ring to buy can be a challenge. We’re not talking about the size of the diamond, but about the size of the engagement ring band. Thankfully, there are a few ways you can find your wife-to-be’s ring size without giving her any hint you’re about to propose.

Use one of her existing rings 

Download a ring size chart here (it’s free). Print it out, making sure it is zoomed to 100% to ensure the scale is correct. Now, get a hold of one of her rings. She probably keeps her jewelry in a box or drawer — locate it, and select a ring that you have seen her wearing in the past.

Set the ring down on top of the ring size chart, and find the circle that best matches the inner diameter of her ring. If her ring does not exactly match any of the circles, choose the circle that is slightly larger than her ring. Write down the number within the circle that is the closest match — it’s easy to forget if you don’t make a note! Now, take this ring size number to a jeweler or online ring marketplace when you’re ready to purchase her engagement ring.

Call in the cavalry 

If you’re unable to use one of her existing rings, you may need to enlist the help of one of her close friends, sisters or mom. Here are a few ideas. Just make sure you choose someone to help who you’re sure won’t accidentally spill the beans.

  • Simply ask one of her close female friends or family members if they know her ring size — they may know exactly, or they may know her hand size well enough to make an educated guess.

  • Ask them to take her shopping and try on some jewelry together, including some rings. They can attempt to get a hold of one ring that fits her and find out its size, whether from the price tag or from a sales associate. A great premise your wing-woman can use for this shopping trip is that she wants to pick out a fashion ring for herself, and needs company.

  • If your wife-to-be has a favorite local jeweler who she often shops with, it is possible they have sold her a fashion ring and have her ring size on file. Simply call and ask them.

Of course, you can always take your best guess and resize afterward using Ritani’s free resizing service. If you do take a guess, err on the larger side, as it’s easier for jewelers to make a band smaller than larger.

Most importantly, take a deep breath. You’re about to propose! She will be thrilled by the ring and the fact that you want to spend the rest of your life with her — and that is the most exciting part of this moment.

Choosing an engagement ring together

couple looking at engagement ring

If you’ve decided as a couple that it’s time to tie the knot, and you don’t require the element of a surprise proposal, finding your wife-to-be’s ring size can be an enjoyable and memorable moment. One great way to ensure that her ring is the perfect fit is to go to your local jeweler for a professional measurement. You can turn this into a relaxing outing, and take her to a romantic dinner or stroll in the park afterward.

If you prefer to discover her ring size in the comfort of your home, we recommend that you order Ritani’s free ring sizing tool, which we’ll deliver to the location of your choice. Second to getting a professional sizing, the ring size tool is the most accurate way to find the perfect fit. This method has the added bonus of convenience — you can take the measurement whenever the two of you are ready, and if you need to measure more than once, you can. It is in fact wise to measure at least twice, because her ring size may change slightly depending on the time of day and temperature — in the morning, when her body temperature is likely lower, her fingers will be slightly smaller. In the afternoon and evening as body temperature increases, her fingers will be slightly larger. (And the same is true for you, when you’re ready to find your wedding ring size.)

Finding His Wedding Band Size

Newly engaged? Don’t forget his wedding band! 

men's wedding rings

If your guy just popped the question, you’re probably already starting on your wedding planning. One of the most important considerations is making sure that his wedding band fits perfectly, both in terms of style and size. Here are several accurate ways to find his wedding ring size.

Professional measurement

A great way to ensure that his ring will fit comfortably is to take him in for a professional ring size measurement at your local jeweler. This will not only allow you to find his correct size, but he will be able to try on different metals and styles. Depending on his lifestyle, the thickness of the band will impact in his everyday comfort. If his career requires minimal hands-on work, you may be able to splurge with a diamond stud or carved detail in the band. If his career or hobbies require a lot of physical labor, a simply styled, ultra-durable metal such as palladium or cobalt is the better choice. If you go in for a sizing, do not feel pressured to purchase a ring that day — the jeweler will understand that you need to take your time to decide. After all, your man will wear his wedding ring every day, and it should fit him as perfectly as your engagement ring fits you.

Measure at home

If he prefers to skip the jewelry store, you can order Ritani’s ring sizing tool and measure his ring finger yourself. This affords you both more convenience. Note that his fingers will likely be a bit smaller in the mornings, when his body temperature is lower; they will be a bit larger in the afternoon as his body temperature rises. With a ring sizing tool, you can measure several times throughout a day to make sure you get an accurate size.

Please note that the width of your intended ring can affect ring size. Wider rings fit more snugly. For rings that are 5 or 6mm in width, you may want to go up 1/4 size for your ring. For rings that are 7 or 8mm in width, you may want to go up 1/2 size for your ring. 

Keeping it on the down-low? 

If you want to surprise him with a wedding ring, and therefore can’t take him to a jeweler or use a sizing tool, there are two options we recommend.

Existing ring and a size chart

If he already has one or two rings that he wears occasionally, you can use these to get a close estimate of his ring finger size. You’ll need to download a ring size chart and get a hold of one of his rings.

You can get a free ring sizing chart here. Print it out, making sure it is zoomed to 100% to ensure the scale is correct. Now locate one of his rings. Place the size chart on a flat surface, and compare the ring against the various circles. Find the circle that most closely matches the inside diameter of his ring. Record the number of the closest matching circle — and you’ve got his ring size.

Ask his dad, his brother, or his best man 

There are a handful of men in your future husband’s life who can help you find his ring size. His dad and his brothers grew up with him — their hand sizes are likely very close to his; and even if they have very different hand sizes, they know him well enough to give you an educated estimate of his size. Alternately, ask the guy who will be the best man at your wedding to find it out on the sly.

Any of these tactics will prepare you to start shopping for his wedding ring, with the peace of mind that the ring you choose will fit him perfectly for years to come.



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