How to Find a Unique Engagement Ring

By Kevin Lawless on January 11, 2021

Searching for an engagement ring is no simple task. You need to budget. You need to decide on a stone. You have to think about what metal should live on your fiancé’s finger for the rest of time. Oh, and don’t forget to figure out her ring size!

After all of this, you still want to make the engagement ring a unique piece of jewelry for the person you love. It deserves to be different than every other engagement ring in the world – special for your one-and-only. But how do you find a unique engagement ring?

Luckily, when you put a diamond on an engagement ring you guarantee yourself uniqueness because like a fingerprint or a snowflake, no two diamonds are identical. But what else can you do to make your engagement ring stand out from the crowd?

Picking a Unique Engagement Ring Setting

The setting is the metal part of the engagement ring, and this is where you can get the most creative with your style. You want something that will look different than everyone else’s engagement ring? Well then don’t choose a solitaire setting.

The solitaire is the most common setting for engagement rings, and for good reason. It’s simple, classic and a beautiful way to make sure your diamonds stands out. If you are looking for something unique, though, the solitaire isn’t always it. 

Our vintage engagement ring collection has an assortment of ring styles that you won’t see on many fingers walking down the street, giving you a fantastic way to build your perfectly unique engagement ring. From this open halo engagement ring to our coil twist diamond ring, you are sure to find something that speaks to you.

Which Diamond is the Most Unique?

Diamonds come in all shapes and sizes, which gives you even more opportunity to choose something a little less common, if that’s what you are looking for. 

If you would have guessed that round cut diamonds are our most popular seller, you would be correct. The round cut stone has many qualities that make it classic and special, but it’s certainly not the stone to pick if you want something unique.

The diamond cuts that are a more on the less commons side of the pendulum tend to be pear-cut diamonds, marquise-cut diamonds and even heart-shaped diamonds. These diamond shapes are sure to make your ring stand out from the crowd.

Which Engagement Ring Metal is Most Common?

In recent years, platinum rings have become an increasingly popular choice among engagement ring shoppers, but the most popular metal for engagement rings is still gold. Gold makes for great jewelry because it is strong, durable and looks great wrapped around your finger. Additionally, it’s less expensive than platinum which is another selling point for shoppers who are undecided.

So, if both platinum and gold are fairly popular choices for engagement rings, which metal should I choose to make the most unique rings for my fiancé?

Rose Gold. 

While gold is an incredibly common selection for engagement rings, this mostly refers to white gold and yellow gold. Rose Gold is still much less common than other metals for engagement rings, making it the perfect choice for your unique ring.

If you truly want a completely unique engagement ring, make an appointment with our certified gemologists and talk to our customer service team who can build a customized ring based on whatever you can imagine. Your engagement ring will be completely unique, and your fiancé will absolutely love it! 

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