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August 16, 2022

How to Buy a Three-Stone Engagement Ring

yellow gold three stone engagement ring

A three-stone ring is one of the most romantic styles for an engagement ring, perfect for those who love a multi-stone look for their special moment. Three-stone diamond engagement rings exude an incredible luxury with dazzling stone placements on the band in an artistic, brilliant display.

A three-stone engagement ring, sometimes called a trilogy engagement ring, is a remarkable choice for those who seek something that is classic with a statement appearance, ideal for those who want a unique, eye-catching design that is still timeless.

This brief article will go over different kinds of three-stone engagement rings and offer stylistic advice for selecting your dream engagement ring.

Ritani is pleased to present a plentiful variety to customize, giving you a hand in the creation of the ring you have always imagined.

The Meaning of 3-Stone Engagement Rings

The 3 stones on these wondrous mountings stand for the past, present, and future. They denote time spent together in a committed relationship, including past, present, and future years to cherish. Honor your love all the days you are together with an exquisite past, present, and future diamond ring.

Meaningful, beautiful, and glamorous, these exquisite diamond rings are a fantastic alternative to other styles.

An Introduction to 3-Stone Engagement Rings

A 3-stone engagement ring features three main stones on the top of the mounting. The largest stone is placed in the middle, flanked by two smaller stones on each side, creating a spectacular row of three stones lying next to each other.

Three stone engagement rings feature a bevy of different cuts to choose from, giving you an amazing amount of options for this style of engagement ring.


The following is a list of styles for 3-stone diamond engagement rings. Styles range from understated to ornate and highly detailed, perfect for showcasing your personality with a luxurious appearance.


The classic three-stone engagement ring features the same stone cut placed in a center mounting. For example, all stones would be princess cut or round brilliant cut.​

round-cut three-stone diamond engagement ring

These two cuts are some of the popular choices. The princess cut diamond engagement ring and round engagement ring have pleasing symmetry. They are also easy to mix and match with the wedding band of your selection.

How about a three-stone oval engagement ring? The oval cut emanates an enchanting vintage style, perfect for those who seek something of Old World elegance.

Emerald cut three stone engagement rings feature three emerald cut stones shimmering in the light. Emerald cuts are regal and daring, with diamonds and stones cut into a simple rectangular step cut.

Please note: It is advised the diamonds have a higher clarity grade for this impressive cut; the inclusions may be more apparent because there are very few facets for these blemishes to hide behind.

Buying Suggestion: If you want a classic look, selecting the same cut on a simple band could be your best option. These settings provide ample fire and brilliance with a multi-stone look, yet streamlined and easy wear with other jewelry.


For the Love of Classic

Mixed cut diamond engagement rings present two different cuts. A princess-cut diamond sits nested in the center flanked by two round brilliant cuts, for example. 

three-stone princess-cut engagement ring with round-cut side stones

Mixed-cut diamond settings allow you to choose more than one of your favorite cuts, so you don’t have to narrow it down with a single stone.

Marquise diamonds may be placed sideways gracefully flush against the band with a princess, oval, or round brilliant cut in the center.


Baguettes are a popular side stone in this style of ring. They will often be placed in shiny channel bar settings blending with the band beautifully. An Asscher cut center stone diamond accented by baguette-cut diamonds gives the ring a modern appearance.

asscher-cut engagement ring with baguette-cut side stones

How about indulging in a captivating setting featuring pear-shaped side diamonds? Pears are so unique with their gorgeous shape and scintillation. A princess-cut center stone complemented by pear-shaped sides is innovative and contemporary.

princess-cut engagement ring with pear-shaped diamond side stones


three stone radiant

A radiant cut diamond in the center along with baguette-cut diamonds is such a thoughtful coupling of modern cuts and classic styling, confident and waiting to get noticed.

Do you love trapezoids/triangles or trillion cuts? Our trillion cut Asscher diamond 3-stone ring is the ultimate contemporary choice.

Buying Suggestion: Mixed-cut diamond engagement rings provide an eclectic style with a cluster appearance.


The name three-stone engagement ring denotes the main stones, but there are many styles featuring melee diamonds and other small stones surrounding the center diamonds.

halo three-stone engagement ring

Halo three-stone diamond engagement rings frequently feature round brilliant cut diamonds framing the middle diamond. There may also be halos around the smaller stones as well.

Buying Suggestion: Perfect for those who love the glamour and vintage elegance of the halo, reimagined into a lavish triple halo or single halo.


Prong & Shared Prong

These stones are commonly set in a prong setting or shared prong settings. When they are placed into a shared prong setting, the ring appears with a slightly raised top with an intricate basket weave of metal that holds the stones.

There may be sparkling round brilliant cut diamonds pave, prong, or channel set down the bands, giving the overall look of incredible fire and sparkle. Ideal for those who love eternity bands, these beautiful diamond accents provide even more detail to the design.

Engraved Patterns

Engraved details and other metalwork can sometimes be seen on the band of the ring. These textured patterns and shapes lend dimension to the ring. These extra details give the ring a custom-made, exclusive style.

Openwork/Gallery Work

Openwork, such as filigree and other patterns on the band with open designs may be a great feature for those who love highly detailed, ornate designs. Openwork adds an airy ambiance of artistry and pure elegance, giving the ring a show-stopping glamour.

Buying Suggestion: If you love vintage three-stone engagement rings, choosing a mounting with engraved patterns and open gallery work is the perfect selection for an ornate, highly detailed look.


Three stone rings can be designed featuring the ever-popular Cathedral mounting, creating a steeple shape on the top. This allows the diamonds to sit dramatically high on the finger.

How about a three-stone diamond ring featuring bezels? A bezel is a sleek, retro-mod setting encasing the diamond or stone, appearing as a luxurious bubble of fire. Bezels can be the main center stone setting or sides.

Knife-edged bands, flat-edged bands, and smoothly polished bands can be customized into a three-stone setting featuring any center stone, accent stones, and engraved textured custom work.

Allow Us to Assist You with Your Purchase

The majority of Ritani’s engagement rings are customizable and can be modified with the metal and stones of your designation. Choosing your perfect diamond and setting allows you to have hands-on experience with designing your own three-stone diamond engagement ring.

Our diamond concierge will help you assemble a bespoke diamond engagement ring that suits your budget.

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