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What Are Alternative Metals?

tantalum wedding rings

In jewelry, alternative metals are metals that are not traditional precious metals like gold, platinum, or silver.   

Alternative metals include: 

These popular alternative metals are frequently used for men’s wedding bands for their deep masculine hues, however, it’s possible to find women’s wedding rings made with alternative metals.   

The Pros of Alternative Metal Wedding Rings  

  • They’re super affordable. Gold or platinum wedding rings can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, while alternative metal rings will typically cost you $200-$400. 

  • They’re extremely durable. Alternative metals are even harder than precious metals. These rings will last a lifetime and are great for those with active lifestyles.  

  • They’re stylish. Alternative wedding rings often feature modern, edgy designs. Many of the black wedding rings you see, which are currently trending, are made with alternative metals.  

  • They’re hypoallergenic. Alternative metal wedding rings are perfect for those with sensitive skin or metal allergies. 

  • They’re safe. Alternative metals like cobalt, tungsten, and tantalum can easily be cut or cracked off in an emergency. 

The Cons of Alternative Metal Wedding Rings 

  • They’re not always resizable. Metals like tungsten are too difficult to resize. Double-check with your jeweler before buying an alternative wedding band to make sure it can be resized.  

  • They’re not necessarily customizable. At Ritani, we can engrave a special message on the inside of your ring, but at this time we do not offecustom design services for alternative metal wedding bands. We can still create a custom gold or platinum wedding band for you. 

The Bottom Line 

You can’t go wrong with an alternative metal wedding ring. Since they are stylish, durable, and affordable, what’s not to love? At Ritani, we offer a 30-day return and exchange window, so if you’re not happy with your wedding band, you won’t be stuck with it forever. 


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