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What is Blue Topaz?

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Blue topaz is a semiprecious stone and a member of the topaz family. Topaz is a mineral species that can come in a variety of different colors, like white, red, and pink, however, blue topaz is the most sought-after. It’s often considered one of December’s birthstones, along with other blue stones like aquamarine, zircon, and tanzanite.

Natural blue topaz is very rare. When topaz is found in nature, it is usually a very pale blue. Most blue topaz found on the market was originally colorless, then treated via heat and irradiation to turn the stone blue. So while the topaz itself is real, its color was artificially added.

This beautiful stone has a hardness of 8 on the Mohs scale, making it very scratch resistant and good for everyday wear – it's almost as hard as ruby and sapphire, which has a hardness of 9.

Mohs Scale

Image source: GIA 

Blue topaz is very abundant and can be found in many different countries such as Brazil, the United States, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, China, Russia, Mexico, and more. 

Blue topaz comes in a few different shades, such as sky blue, baby Swiss, Swiss blue, and London Blue. 

blue topaz color varieties

What is London Blue Topaz?  

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London blue topaz is a deep blue-green shade of topaz. This is one of the most popular blue topaz colors. London blue topaz does not exist in nature; it is treated to obtain this darker hue. This treatment is permanent, so its color won’t change.

What is Swiss Blue Topaz?    

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Swiss blue topaz is a bright, electric blue. This blue topaz color is incredibly popular in jewelry. Like London blue topaz, it does not exist in nature and must be treated to obtain its vibrant color, but its color will not fade.

Blue Topaz Meaning  

Blue topaz is said to be the stone of wisdom, clarity, inspiration, and peace. 

Does Blue Topaz Fade?  

According to the GIA, blue topaz’s color is stable to light, so it won’t fade or change colors. 

How Much is Blue Topaz Worth?  

Since topaz is so abundant on the earth, it isn’t very expensive. As with any gemstone, the price of blue topaz will vary depending on its quality. It can cost anywhere from $10 to $30 per carat.  

How to Tell the Difference between Blue Topaz and Aquamarine  

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Blue Topaz

Telling apart blue topaz and aquamarine with the naked eye can be difficult. Aquamarine often has a fainter blue-green color, while a color-treated blue topaz’s color is more intense, although this is not always the case. The simplest way to tell the two apart is by examining their refraction. Aquamarine is not very refractive, while blue topaz’s level of refraction is strong. Gemologists will use a special tool called a refractometer to measure a stone's angle of refraction.

Is Blue Topaz or Aquamarine More Valuable?  

Aquamarine tends to be more valuable than blue topaz since most blue topaz has been treated to obtain its color while aquamarine gets it naturally. Aquamarine is also rarer than blue topaz.  

How to Buy Blue Topaz  

Blue topaz doesn’t receive a 4 Cs grading report like diamonds do, so you’ll really have to rely on your eyes to buy one. You’ll first want to decide which blue topaz color suits your fancy – we discussed the different shades of blue topaz earlier. Stones with a more vibrant, saturated color will be more expensive.   

Like diamonds, blue topaz can have inclusions. These are imperfections that formed naturally inside of the stone. Most blue topaz is eye-clean, meaning you won’t be able to see inclusions with the naked eye. If you’re buying loose topaz online, you should view HD imagery of it first before making a purchase. HD imagery and/or videos can also show you how well the stone is cut. Look for symmetrical facets and an overall symmetrical stone shape.  

As for carat weight, most loose blue topaz stones are sold by their measurement in millimeters.  

How to Clean Blue Topaz 

You should avoid using steam cleaners or ultrasonic cleaners for your blue topaz gemstone. Never clean your jewelry over a drain as it can easily fall down and become lost. The best way to clean blue topaz is with warm water and gentle soap in a bowl or a glass. You can use a soft toothbrush to gently scrub the gemstone, then let it air dry.  


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