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Why Does My Engagement Ring Look Yellow?

By Brenna Ferrentino on November 13, 2020

Is your engagement ring starting to look yellow? Don’t worry, this is normal - if you have a white gold engagement ring, it’s bound to happen.   

White gold is plated with rhodium. This is because when white gold is produced, it naturally has a warmer hue. Rhodium is plated on the ring to add strength while also producing the cool, silver color that white gold is known forWhen your ring starts to look yellow, this means that it is time for it to be replated with rhodium.  

Unfortunately, rhodium plating doesn’t last forever and will wear off over time. The amount of time that rhodium plating will last depends on how often you wear your ring. This is why some people choose platinum over white gold – it's lower maintenance (it never needs to be replated), and much more durable. 

Luckily, a yellowish engagement ring is an easy fix. If you’ve purchased your ring from Ritani, you can get one free rhodium replating per year. Contact us to get started.  

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