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5 Best Places to Propose in El Paso

El Paso

When it comes to finding memorable and romantic places to propose in El Paso, guys certainly feel the heat. You need to love the desert, and – if it’s summer or fall – preferably every shade of brown. Active couples who don’t mind dirt and dust will find exceptional outdoor options in and around Franklin Mountains State Park, but the rest of us need to sweat details like the right season and the best time of day. Here are five of our favorite places to propose in El Paso:

Mountain Biking in Franklin Mountains State Park

Franklin Mountains State Park

If you’re like many active El Paso couples, proposing on a mountain bike ride is both outdoorsy and romantic. There is plenty of flexibility with this proposal idea because you’ll find an array of beginner, intermediate and advanced trails. This way you can calibrate your ride according to abilities and energy levels. Even if it’s a dry heat, consider starting early and bringing hydration packs loaded with picnic items. And keep the ring in a secure, zipped pouch so you don’t drop it on the trail!

The Wyler Tram at Franklin Mountains State Park

Tram over the mountains

If biking or even hiking isn’t your thing, aim high and take the Wyler Tram to the top of Franklin Mountains State Park. It is a quick four-minute ride to the top, which is considerably faster and far more comfortable than hiking up the mountain in the summer heat. The tram is open until 7:00 PM on Fridays and Saturdays, but the last tram ride up the mountain departs an hour before closing. That might sound inconvenient, but it actually should work in your favor. You’re gaining privacy as more people head back down in this final hour, perfect for an intimate proposal. Plus, it is usually late enough to catch the sunset.

Café Central on Oregon Street

Café Central

El Paso establishments come and go, but Café Central has existed in either nearby Juarez or downtown El Paso for nearly half a century. Those looking for an engaging El Paso venue recognized by James Beard and Wine Spectator Magazine rank this place at or near the top of their fine dining list. The ambiance in the main dining area is seductive, and the service is notoriously excellent. Its long history and rotating gourmet menu makes Café Central a perfect, classic location for presenting a diamond engagement ring during a traditional proposal.

Scenic Drive and Murchison Park

Winding high above The Sun City, Scenic Drive is a favorite local stop for romantics and sunset seekers. With a little planning and cooperative weather, it is also one of the most picturesque places to propose in El Paso. Scenic Drive has been around since the 1920s, but even after decades of road improvements the road remains narrow – and often precarious – along the steep hillside. Despite the danger and lack of parking spaces at sunset, the view of El Paso, Mexico and New Mexico is worth the perils. There are only roughly a dozen parking spaces at the popular Murchison Park overlook, so arrive about an hour or so before the sun hits the horizon. You might even see that a few people have already arrived, and are waiting around in lawn chairs. Another way to eliminate traffic and parking woes is to bike the road on Sunday mornings when it is closed to traffic, but you’ll have to settle for a view instead of a sunset. Just make sure that you have bikes with proper gearing for the hills and full water bottles.

The Municipal Rose Garden


While things are usually big in Texas, El Paso’s Municipal Rose Garden isn’t bigger than many flower beds found in other cities. It’s also not the most attractive place to be in the middle of summer. However, it is wonderfully fragrant and visually stunning in March and April, and again around September and October. It is also always free of charge.

Dedicated local volunteers maintain all 1,600 rose bushes. This means there are usually at least a few people here during the daylight hours, so keep this in mind if you’re seeking an intimate proposal. During the peak bloom times, your best chance of finding solitude among the benches and gazebos is often on a weekday or possibly early morning on weekends, but if you’re patient you’ll find lulls in visitor activity during any daytime visit.

Still seeking an engagement ring for your El Paso proposal? Halo engagement rings are the most popular style overall in El Paso. In fact, throughout all of Texas, engagement rings with a gemstone or diamond halo are the most sought after. It’s easy to see why; the added sparkle of a diamond halo will be even more brilliant in the Texas sunshine.