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December 22, 2023

Ariana Grande's Engagement Rings - Get The Look

ariana grande's two-stone engagement ring

Even if you aren't an Ariana Grande fan, you've probably heard a thing or two about her high-profile relationships. The pop star has been the wearer of two gorgeous engagement rings - let's take a look. 

Ariana's Pear-Shaped Engagement Ring

Ariana Grande pear shaped engagement ring from Pete Davidson

This ring was given to Ariana by Pete Davidson during their brief whirlwind relationship. The diamond was reported to be a 3-carat natural diamond pear-shaped ring in a french-set halo setting. Rumor has it that the color of the stone is a D with VVS1 clarity and costs about $93,000. Pete sourced this ring from a celebrity jeweler, Greg Yun. The pear shape happens to also reflect the shape of a teardrop, referencing Ariana's hit song, "No Tears Left to Cry." 

For most people, spending almost $100,000 on a ring is simply not in the budget. However, with lab diamonds becoming more widely accepted and available, customers can create celebrity ring styles for a fraction of the price. Let's take a look at how you can create a similar ring for less than $8,000:

First, consider starting with our French-set Halo Diamond Band Engagement Ring setting. This will give you that same stunning halo look that Ariana's ring had. ​

Ritani French-set Halo Diamond Band Pear Shape

Next, create a similar wow factor by opting for a 3-4 Carat Pear-cut Lab Diamond. Work with a gemologist to pick diamond specifications that cut costs while keeping a stunning appearance. 

Ariana's Oval Two-Stone Engagement Ring

Ariana Grande's two-stone engagement ring from Dalton Gomez

This ring was given to Ariana by Dalton Gomez in 2020. This asymmetrical solitaire two-stone ring holds a 5-7 carat oval diamond and a pearl that is reported to be from Ariana's grandfather. The ring is rumored to have cost over $300,000. 

This engagement ring cost even more than Ariana's previous pear-shaped ring and is hardly at a price point for the average person. Let's take a look at some similar options to help you design a ring like this for less than $9,000: 

First, consider our Two-stone Round and Oval Diamond Ring option. While this doesn't give you the option to pair the oval with a pearl, it does allow you to have a very similar shape by pairing an oval diamond. For this style, you can choose up to two 1-carat stones. 

ariana-grande-engagement-rings image1
Two Stone Diamond Engagement Ring with Round and Oval-Cut Diamonds

Still not convinced? You can also always choose to build a custom ring and have our team create your perfect two-stone ring - perhaps even with a pearl included. 

For more inspiration on designing red carpet-worthy engagement rings, follow us on Instagram at @Ritani and on TikTok at @Ritani_Rings. 

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