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Which is the best diamond stud earring setting?

different types of diamond studs

What’s the quickest way to feel totally put together? Add diamond earrings.

Diamond stud earrings are one of the most versatile pieces of jewelry. They’re considered classics for a reason: no matter what day or month or year it is, diamond studs are always in style. Diamond studs can make you feel effortlessly chic, whether you’re running to the grocery store or going to a twelve-course prix-fixe meal at a 3-Michelin Star restaurant. 

Design Your Own Diamond Stud Earrings

At Ritani, we believe the best jewelry is the jewelry you design for yourself or for someone you love. That’s why we bring you the ability to design your own diamond stud earrings with the craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology that Ritani is known for. Select your diamonds, earring setting, and metal for one-of-a-kind diamond earrings. Your custom earrings are uniquely yours and, like all high-quality diamond jewelry, an heirloom in the making.

Ritani’s most popular setting, four-prong diamond studs, are prized for their symmetry and elegance. A four-prong setting securely cradles each diamond in your metal of choice. White gold and platinum will highlight the sparkle of your diamonds. Eighteen karat yellow gold will conveniently neutralize any yellow tones in your diamond, allowing you to save money while creating a stunning pair of studs.

Princess cut diamond studs

Four prong settings are a great choice for fancy diamond cuts, too. The bold angles of princess-cut diamond studs, for example, will be accentuated by the positioning of a metal prong on each corner.

Another choice for diamond studs are martini studs. Martini stud settings have a three prong setting instead of four. Securing your loose diamond at a different angle allows the gem to sit closer to the basket for a more modern, streamlined look.

Martini-stud diamond earrings

Halo studs turn up the glamour even more with a ring of diamonds that creates a halo of sparkle highlighting each center diamond. Opt for a vintage look with a round scalloped halo.  A halo of diamonds around the center stone subtly enhances sparkle and makes the center diamond look larger.

Halo diamond earrings

When choosing between different styles of stud earrings, it comes down to personal preference. For different metal choices, choose from durable and hypoallergenic platinum, lightweight palladium, or ever-classic 18kt yellow gold. And remember, by designing your own diamond studs, you have full control over the quality of the loose diamonds in your earrings.

Design Your Own Custom Diamond Earrings

New Classics, Designed For Your Every Day

baguette and trillion cut earrings

Sometimes you want earrings with a little more pop for your Monday through Sunday, or perhaps you want to try something new: a different diamond shape or setting like Baguette Diamond Studs or Trillion Diamond Studs. If you’re going for an effortlessly chic look, these studs are your go-to for an elevated everyday look. Our New York designers were inspired by these unique diamond shapes to create pieces that feel on-trend with timeless design elements like minimalist metal settings.

Diamond studs are the jewelry you put on to make a statement. What’s your statement? Confident? Effortless? Stylish? The choice is up to you.