5 Best Places to Propose in Columbus

By A Ritani on May 07, 2020

Whether it is a surprise overnight getaway or a quiet night at a favorite fine dining establishment, Columbus is a city rich in romantic opportunities. A quick online search will often produce a list of downtown hotels offering “romance packages,” but if you want a unique and memorable engagement experience, these mass-produced weekend promotions can come off contrived or unimaginative. That’s why we came up with our five favorite places to propose in Columbus:

Whetstone Park of Roses

Rose bush

Situated just off the Olentangy Trail and just north of The Ohio State University, the Whetstone Park of Roses is a popular summer destination for couples, engagement photographers, and wedding planners. There are over 11,000 roses compressed into a space of more than a dozen acres, resulting in a visual explosion of color throughout spring and summer. It’s easy to see why this park is one of the most sought-after wedding venues in C-Bus, but you can usually find moments of solitude here at sunset, especially on weekdays. Stop at a bench, pause by the fountain or take your significant other to the gazebo to pop the question.

The Scioto Mile

Scioto mile

While Main Street Dam removal is still a work in progress, views of the Columbus skyline along the Scioto Mile greenspace already dazzle. This might be the closest thing you’ll find to a beach walk experience without driving for hours. The riverside park links bike trails and pedestrian routes in a sixty-mile regional trail network, but you don’t have to pack your cycling panniers with a picnic and an engagement ring to create the ideal proposal moment. Sometimes a simple stroll along the Scioto River at sunset, especially before a nice dinner, creates the perfect ambiance for asking the one you love to spend the rest of their life with you.

The OSU Long Walk

Ohio State University

While it’s largely an Ohio State University thing, the brick walkway from the William Thompson Library to College Road is a campus legend among romantics. According to lore, if a Buckeye couple walks hand-in-hand from the statue of president Thompson to the seal in the sidewalk near College Road before kissing, the couple is destined to be married and stay in love forever. There are some variations, such as no one can cross your path during the walk and the bells in the tower at Orton Hall should ring as you kiss.

Those who feel confident about their timing can try to reach the seal at exactly noon, when the Orton Hall bell duration is longest. On the other hand, if timing is a hassle for you, the bell tower chimes every 15 minutes. So, it is entirely possible to keep things simple. This proposal plan works best on dry days when the smooth brick walkway surface isn’t slippery, especially if your significant other is wearing heels.


Lindey's restaurant

Locals seeking fine dining with quality individualized service go to Lindey’s, located in German Village south of downtown. Like almost every business establishment in this charming cobblestone community, Lindey’s is loved and appreciated by its clientele. This is especially true on weekends, which is why proposal planners seeking special touches should make reservations far in advance and consider backup plans. If the restaurant is too loud or crowded, wait and add a stroll through nearby Schiller Park. Around sundown, private and scenic places to propose in Columbus are plentiful.

In warmer weather, you can take advantage of the patio and isolated seating opportunities that will keep your discussions from being overheard. Just keep in mind that outside seating is not guaranteed, even with advance reservations. Lindey’s also provides private dining services, including a heated outdoor terrace. These are ideal for engagement parties or wedding rehearsal dinners.

German Village Guesthouse

Some people make proposals a one-night indulgence, but the most extravagant proposals sometimes last a weekend or more. If you’re looking for a staycation with opportunities to explore, check out the German Village Guesthouse on Jaeger Street south of downtown. The casual living accommodations provide easy access to tree-lined cobblestone avenues and the shops, gardens and restaurants that make up this unpretentious neighborhood. Whether you propose at a restaurant or before the brick fireplace in the guesthouse backyard garden, the area oozes charm, especially on summer evenings.

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