5 Best Places to Propose in Philadelphia

By A Ritani on May 07, 2020

Perhaps those born beyond The Birthplace of America only associate Philly with cream cheese, but anyone from Philadelphia knows that the city is home to more than a dozen museums and nearly 300,000 individual pieces of artwork. So after finding that perfect engagement ring, figuring out a creative way to propose here should be a work of art in itself, right? Here is our short list of the best places to propose in Philadelphia:


LOVE park in Philadelphia

Since the 1970s, Love Park – or JFK Plaza – has remained a romantic and popular proposal place for residents. The Robert Indiana LOVE sculpture is so well liked by photographers that you’ll need to consider your proposal timing if you don’t want to be overheard. Take a tip from the pros: photographers tend to take more pictures here in the morning when the rising sun can illuminate their subjects’ faces. That doesn’t mean that everyone goes home at high noon, however. Tourists remain here throughout the day, although you might have better luck on weeknights and evenings, especially in the early fall or late spring.

If an engagement and wedding ring set is part of your holiday gift plans, you could suggest a small gift exchange here during the annual Christmas Village in December. It’s the perfect setup for a surprise holiday proposal.

The Race Street Pier

Race Street Pier

If you struggle with schedules and timing, the Race Street Pier at the Delaware River Waterfront is a perfect go-to spot for those who need flexibility in their proposal plans. If you’re looking for an activity as an excuse to bring your partner here, there is always something going on for couples throughout the year. Skate together on the ice rink in the winter. Walk in the shade of the Ben Franklin Bridge on a sunny spring day. Take in an outdoor concert at the Festival Pier in the summer or watch the autumn leaves turn along the Camden Greenway in the fall.

You will even find free yoga classes in the mornings, or walkers and photographers admiring the city skyline in the evenings. No matter when you arrive, there’s always space along the pier for a private proposal. Plus, you have the city skyline as your backdrop.

City Hall Observation Deck

City Hall observation deck

Few landmarks represent Philly more to Americans than City Hall. While it is a common tourist stop, proposing here on a weekday actually works well for couples seeking a little privacy with a historic view. Thanks to a timed ticketing system and a vintage elevator that only holds four people at a time, off-peak visitors have the observation deck almost to themselves for a full 15 minutes. This proposal location could work on weekends too, but you need to endure the ticket line and then wait for your turn. This can be a drag, especially if you’re trying to surprise your partner and they are wondering why you would want to waste several hours standing in line.

Try framing the visit as a weekday staycation so you can both explore the city. That way you will have better than average odds for gaining a few extra private moments on the observation deck – especially if you quietly inform one of the city employees while you purchase your ticket.

The Morris Arboretum

Morris Arboretum

If you literally want to go out on a limb during your proposal, check out the Morris Arboretum at the University of Pennsylvania. Here you can pop the question from the Wissahickon Vista platform or one of the protected stretches of plank walkways that wind between towering trees. If vertigo isn’t an issue for you or your significant other, stretch out across the rope netting and casually present your engagement ring. Just remember to keep a steady grip so the ring doesn’t take a tumble.

Your Favorite Philly Gallery

Philadelphia Museum of Art

Perhaps you had your first kiss beneath the illuminated Paint Torch in Lenfest Plaza. Or maybe your eyes met after gazing at Monet’s Japanese Footbridge and the Water Lily Pool at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Popping the question in front of a shared favorite art piece is a classic choice. Even if you can’t decide on a favorite (hint: choose your significant other’s), you can do some research together at the dozens of galleries throughout the city. Some of the big Philly favorites include the Rodin Museum, The Barnes Foundation, the Institute of Contemporary Art and the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

If you’re looking for something a little more local and grassroots, don’t forget about First Friday. This is the monthly open house for art galleries throughout the city. A few galleries also feature guest facilities for wedding receptions, so don’t hesitate to ask or explore online. Enjoying your shared passion for art doesn’t have to be expensive, which is important when you’re figuring out the budget for your engagement ring and the matching wedding bands. Just remember that in art and life it’s about perspective, both now and in your shared future together.

Still contemplating the perfect ring for your Philadelphia proposal? In Philadelphia, engagement rings with a halo style have been the most popular recently. Halo engagement rings are so named for the brilliant border of diamonds or gemstones that surround the ring’s center stone, adding sparkle and stylistic flair.

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